Does WMV bit rate effect the amount of time it takes to start playback?

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Troy, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. Troy

    Troy Guest

    I have this really annoying problem (well, one of them) where I have a
    variety of media files - mov, avi, wmv that I manage on a clients
    website. The files vary in size from 1MB to 16MB.

    (Using IE6 or Firefox) When I click on the wmv videos they do not start
    playback until the entire video has downloaded and while the video is
    downloading the pop-up window is blank - no UI visible...which makes
    the website look a bit ugly.

    I have noticed that the Bit Rate on the wmv files is between 1,000kpbs
    and 5,500kpbs.

    So, my questions are:

    1) Is this an abnormally high bit rate for a wmv designed for the web?
    2) Can it effect the time it takes to start playback while downloading?
    3) Is there a object setting for WMV that allows the clip to start
    playing before it has finished downloading? (I'm using a mime-type of

    Thanks for any help anyone can provide!

    Troy, Aug 1, 2006
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  2. Troy

    RS Guest

    I believe that you need an embedded Asx object to have the media player
    launched. Look about the web and I'm sure you will find media player
    plug-ins for web developers.

    You might also consider going over to the flash video format. This gets
    rid of 99 percent of concerns whether someones computer can display the
    video in question.

    Yeah, that seems pretty darn fast. Around 700 is the usual bitrate
    target for broadband connections.
    RS, Aug 1, 2006
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  3. Troy

    Troy Guest

    Thanks for your reply. I'm going to get them to bring down the bit
    rate/data rate and see what sort of an impact that has on our download
    and start-to-play times.
    Troy, Aug 4, 2006
  4. Troy

    RS Guest

    You can find tons of apps and scripts for embedding video players into
    web sites. A good place to start is They have a huge
    collection of scripts cataloged for just about anything you need. Asp,
    Php, Cgi, ect.
    RS, Aug 4, 2006
  5. Troy

    Troy Guest

    Sorry about the late reply....but thanks, I'll check-out the website!

    Troy, Aug 18, 2006
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