Don't buy Refurbished Canon Digital Cameras

Discussion in 'Canon' started by David Arnstein, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. I hope that I don't irritate a lot of folks by responding to this spam.
    But I would like to share this data point.

    A few years ago, I bought a refurbished Canon S80. This camera had a
    serious defect. Video captures all featured a continuous, high pitched,
    loud audio tone. I found many posts on usenet, and sites such as DPReview
    regarding this issue. It appeared to me that this was a design defect,
    rather than a sample defect. So I decided against going through warranty
    service. Instead, I asked my vendor to take the refurbished S80 back
    for credit, and sell me a new S80 instead. I was fortunate that he
    agreed, although of course I had to spend additional money.

    I can find no defect in this S80.

    Based on this experience, I suspect that the word "refurbished" is
    sometimes a succint code word for "defective early designs that were
    corrected later." I will hesitate to buy any refurbished product that
    is as sophisticated as an S80.
    David Arnstein, Nov 15, 2007
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