Downloading & Editing raw video stream footage

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by voice_of_reason, Jan 8, 2011.

    I frequent a website features live video streams. Afterwards, they
    also upload the videos for playing online. When videos are played,
    Flash files accumulate in /tmp which I save and edit.

    1) When I play the videos online, they never "start". I just get that
    typical circling arrow that general indicates the file is downloading
    to a buffer before playing....but even after 5 never
    starts. While this is happening, a file is accumulating in /tmp.

    2) As a test, I tried editing the temp file that appears in /tmp using
    OpenShot. The file is very large (on the order of 800Mb). But in the
    editor, only a few seconds of video appear. The rest is a blank white
    screen. I examined the file in a hex editor and it all "looks" the
    same ....I can't read the Hex of course...but nothing obvious lots of 00 bytes after a certain point....

    Curious if anyone has any ideas or suggestions.
    voice_of_reason, Jan 8, 2011
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  2. voice_of_reason

    J.O. Aho Guest

    If it has a long sequence of 00, it don't get the data it should be and those
    there is no way to edit or watch the stream, the system thinks it's still
    connected to the server and getting a feed and writes all those zero.

    The problem may be in your iptables rules, your browser, version of flash or
    the server on the other end.

    As your flash seems to save to /tmp, it feels like you have an older version
    of flash and this could be the reason if the service really uses features
    introduced in later version and they have a sloppy version check of the client

    Try to do an upgrade, for debian based systems like ubuntu:
    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

    for redhat based systems like fedora:
    yum update

    for gentoo based systems:
    emerge --sync && emerge -u world
    J.O. Aho, Jan 8, 2011
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  3. voice_of_reason

    Zoolook Guest

    Its not writing all those zero's...
    Zoolook, Jan 8, 2011
  4. I follow that procedure a lot,
    as I have problems with the latest flash versions working due to older libraries,
    and no way am going to install a new Linux just for that adobe crap.
    So I start the video in the browser (Opera), and go in a terminal to /tmp.
    Look in the browser until it has fully loaded, but KEEP IT IN PLAY,
    else it will delete the temp file again when finished loading.
    Then when it has the whole file I do something like
    mv /tmp/... /video/my_movie.flv

    The only player here that plays those things without problems if ffplay (from ffmpeg).
    ffplay my_movie.flv

    The pitfall here is that if the browser uses /dev/dsp[X] and ffplay also,
    the system will not play, and hang, UNLESS you use something like a SB live that allows
    multiple access to the same audio device.
    So it is sometimes not possible to play both in the browser and with the other player at the same time.
    So stop the play in the browser after you copied the file (it will still play from cache),
    and then start ffplay.

    I go even one step further, and last night burned a one hour youtube video obtained that way
    as ISO image directly to dvd :)
    No authoring required, 4700000000 bytes available, no filesystem overhead.
    ffplay /dev/dvd should do it.
    I just write on the DVD what it is (...flv as image).
    Sometimes the length is more than 4.7 GB, I have gzipped movies too,
    shortens file size by a few percent at least.

    Hope any of this helps.
    Jan Panteltje, Jan 8, 2011
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