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Discussion in 'UK Photography' started by OG, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. OG

    Andy Hewitt Guest

    Yes, so I've heard, although my own experience with them is not that
    good. For sure they are *much* better than NiCds, but they still need
    caring for more than LiIon batteries.
    Andy Hewitt, Nov 22, 2007
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  2. OG

    Mike Coon Guest

    Hmm, the only experience I have of LiIon is with the PDA I bought last year.
    I decided I'd get a spare battery having found I could get one nearer £10
    than the £30 often quoted. And thought I'd swap them around per month. But
    after a fortnight fallow I put the original one back and was told it had 22%
    left and took a while to recharge. So a monthly cycle will result in a duff
    "spare" most of the time...

    I hadn't heard/remembered anything about LiIon self-discharge rates.

    Mike Coon, Nov 22, 2007
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  3. OG

    tinnews Guest

    I think they need caring for *differently*. :)

    NiCd and NiMh for example don't mind being left discharged for long
    periods but definitely don't like being overcharged at all. Lead Acid
    (except deep discharge ones) don't like being fully discharged at all.
    LiIon I'm not sure but I bet there are some things they don't like.
    The LiIon batteries in PDAs and such certainly seem to suffer for
    simple loss of capacity in the long term.
    tinnews, Nov 23, 2007
  4. OG

    Andy Hewitt Guest

    Indeed :)
    That's true. General observation seems to show LiIon batteries degrade
    with age rather than with usage.

    However, the Apple web site (just a place I knew I could find such info)
    technical articles suggest they need to be continuously used. Here are
    some of there pages, OK, they are for laptops and such like, but the
    general principles should be the same.



    Andy Hewitt, Nov 23, 2007
  5. OG

    Andy Hewitt Guest

    One of the sites I checked showed LiIon batteries to have the worst
    storage rates of all, although it's 12 months for those, and 24 months
    for the others (that is with laptop batteries though).

    I bought a few spares for my Mju, but they are often low on power when I
    need to use them again.
    Andy Hewitt, Nov 23, 2007
  6. OG

    OG Guest

    We once tried to recharge our LiIon powered Fuji F610 using an in-car
    inverter. Seemed to do the job, but the battery never really had the same
    capacity afterwards .

    I think they're fine (for the couple of years or so) so long as you don't
    put them near dodgy recharging facilities.
    And they lose most of their capacity after 3 years anyway, so you need to
    buy 2 more.
    OG, Nov 23, 2007
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