Dsr-20 and time code out

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by pietro, Sep 18, 2003.

  1. pietro

    pietro Guest

    I have a question, and excuse me for my bad english, but i'll try to explane
    the problem in the best way I can.
    I have a Sony dsr-20P (DVCAM) and a 1800P (betacam sp)VTR. I use my G4 apple
    macintosh to edit professional documentary for broadcast.
    I use the DVCAM as master in-out machine thru firewire and I dont't have any
    I have to finalize the program in Beta SP tape.
    Usualy I do in this way: After all the edit process, I "print to tape" on
    DSR-20P, and taking the S-video out of the DSR-20P I put it in the 1800 VTR
    (Betacam sp) and I do the same thing with the audio. Fine, everything is
    perfect, but the problem is the Time code.
    I need to have the same timecode of the DSR-20P on my 1800 betacam sp.
    So, is there any possibility to interface the 2 machines , without to tape
    the DVCAM cassette, but just using the D/A converter of the DSR-20P thru
    1800, and keeping in someway the Time code of the 1 machine into the 2
    RS-232, lanc, control-s?
    Obviously during the firewire out operation of the computer.
    Thank you in advance and I hope I can do this, becouse my partners need to
    have betacam SP with precise TC start point, and at this moment I cannot do
    this with my equipment.

    Pietro Pellizzieri
    pietro, Sep 18, 2003
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  2. The 1800 records new timecode when it makes a recording. You can set the
    number you want it to start on, but it will not copy timecode from another
    machine. If you set your DSR-20 to pause at a particular timecode and then
    hit play as the 1800 timecode counts to your chosen number as it records,
    then hit play on the DSR-20, you can get to well within one second of the
    same code, but that is the best you will be able to do.

    Best regards,
    Craig Scheiner
    Executive Producer
    CPS Associates
    Video Production and Publication
    Craig Scheiner, Sep 18, 2003
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  3. pietro

    nappy Guest

    There is no way to get TC from the DSR20 to another machine. Unless it is a
    DV machine and you use the DUB switch on the DSR. You would rent a DSR45 and
    use the TC outs..
    nappy, Sep 19, 2003
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