dual booting xp 32 bit and win7 64bit (vegas 9)

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by ushere, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. ushere

    ushere Guest

    ok, i'm about to take the plunge and dual boot my xp pro 32bit with win
    7 rc 64bit. i really would like to have faster rending, etc., but,
    having past 60, i'm frankly nervous, i hate anything new, especially
    concerning computers.... so if any of you could reassure me about the
    following, i'd greatly appreciate it.

    i have 2 hd's. (i've already created a win 7 partition on the 'system'),
    and all my data is on the second hd. (as is my acronis bk/up, etc.,)
    (most of my projects reside on ex hd's - if i'm working on one i usually
    have it (or transfer it) to my internal 2nd hd)

    a. at the moment i have all 'my (whatever)' m$ folders pointing to
    d:data. will i be able to access them from both os's without problems,
    and is there anything i should be aware of?

    b. is there anything i should be aware of setting-up, running, and using
    vegas from both os's. i realise i won't have all my plug'ins in 64bit,
    so i'll work around that if the need arises.

    c. will events with 64bit plug in's (eg, new blue) work in 32 bit?

    d. is there any difference in the veg's? ie. as long as i'm aware of the
    plugin factor, can i happily bounce between the two versions?

    e. any feedback regarding experiences with this most welcome - i've read
    the various threads here, but they taper off quite quickly - as do those
    shouting about bugs!


    ushere, Jun 23, 2009
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  2. ushere

    Thomas Guest

    I currently dual boot XP SP3 and Vista 64 on one machine and XP / Win 7
    on another with no problems except that Win 7 is going to expire in
    another month or so ..... but as far as reading partitions and files
    there's no problem..... 64 bit vegas can read 32 bit projects, so can
    Premiere Pro etc.

    You will have to install all programs twice of course and 64 bit plugins
    won't be usable by 32 bit XP, but the opposite is true ---
    Win 7 happily runs many 32 bit programs and plugins --- some faster than
    XP can

    If you go 64 bit ---you will want at least 4 gigs of ram and most
    probably at least 8 gigs --- anything less less than 4 can actually
    degrade performance due to memory allocations in Win 7

    other than that --- as more stuff gets written for 64 bit --- the world
    will be a better place
    Thomas, Jun 24, 2009
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  3. ushere

    ushere Guest

    many thanks...

    just set it up and yes, it's much snappier, and much faster rendering
    (vegas 9).

    have 6gb ram, and i think that's probably enough for me at present since
    a lot of my work is cc'd with magic bullet which is 32 bit, i therefore
    work in 32 bit most of the time.

    i think i'll use 7 for rendering at the moment and hang out till it's

    again, thanks
    ushere, Jun 24, 2009
  4. Did you get the RC? That one expires next year.


    Martin Heffels, Jun 24, 2009
  5. ushere

    ushere Guest

    yes - and i have to say i'm pretty impressed (temper that with the fact
    i'm coming from xp). vegas 9 simply flies in comparison to 32 bit -
    though the loss of plug-ins is rather a pain.....
    ushere, Jun 25, 2009
  6. Yes, everything seems a lot faster. I assume the plugins will
    catch-up, It took quite a lot of time before 64-bit drivers and
    software started to appear, but they are here.
    Lots of Vista 64-bit drivers work under Windows 7 64-bit. But not
    always taking advantage of the new developments like graphic driver
    models (which are supposed to be enhanced and faster with the WDM1.1
    Did you try and use the program with XP emulation? Maybe that will get
    you the plugins back if you need them. Do all the editing in 64-bits,
    and switch to the XP Emulation for the finishing face when you need
    the drivers. This might lead to a loss of course in rendering time.
    This is all theoretical excercise of course from my part ........ :)


    Martin Heffels, Jun 25, 2009
  7. ushere

    ushere Guest

    my only fear regarding plug-ins is they'll bring out new versions
    that'll be nothing more than the 32 bit one's in 64 - and i'll have to
    pay again for what i have already....

    so far no problems, other than some vegas 9 bugs which have been well
    noted elsewhere.

    i'm looking to do my capture, rough-cut, and v/o's, inserts and
    cutaways, etc., in win 7, then, as you say, dump it in xp to add fx's
    (which aren't available in 64) - that said, with my sort of work, mostly
    doco style, i'm sure i could probably do the whole in 64 bit - but it'd
    mean i'd have to think a lot more about creating the look i want WITHOUT
    the simple click of a button in 32....

    hey, isn't all this nle stuff theoretical anyway? i mean, i'm always
    presuming what i create will look right at the end of the day - but then
    again, i have no idea on what it'll be watched, crt, lcd, plasma, and
    either of the last two could have 'theatre look' turned one.... oi vey....
    ushere, Jun 26, 2009
  8. That's how it was done for many moons :) Doco's don't really need
    much fancy work if the story is appealing. I assume you are able to do
    all the standard stuff in 64-bit like colour-correction, add simple
    titles etc? You know, the kind of stuff which comes standard with the
    True, that's a variable getting more and more unknown. If you want to
    keep things future-prrof, aim for LCD/Plasma. Not sure if many people
    know how to change the looks on their expensive tv-sets though ;-)


    Martin Heffels, Jun 28, 2009
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