Dual Layre DVD`s

Discussion in 'Video Cameras' started by phil, Sep 24, 2004.

  1. phil

    mrlipring Guest

    You have quite an imagination. Read this. Then apologise.

    dude, if you get a search page, you're already full of spyware and
    adware. The sort that sends you there if it can't find the webpage
    you're looking for.

    It was a typo. I said www.vcdquality for some reason instead of
    www.vcdquality.com . Even then, i'd have thought you'd be able to work
    it out. What's happening here is that your pc is stacked full of
    spyware, adware etc, and it's sending you to that search site whenever
    it can't find a website, and it naturally can't find www.vcdquality
    because it doesn't exist. Try www.vcdquality.com and keep your paranoia
    to yourself.
    mrlipring, Oct 13, 2004
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  2. phil

    SjT Guest

    Work what out?! a url that i dont know?! impossible.

    I clicked on the link and it took me to a dodgy search site that
    wanted to change my home page, if it was an error then fair enough,
    but i certainly havent got any spyware on my machine as i got 3
    spyware blockers setup, thats how i knew it was trying to infest my
    Before you open your mouth and start laying shit down to me you should
    try clicking on www.vcdquality and see what it gives you. see?

    Right, i thought you was trying to piss off Morgan by sending him to a
    shitty search page, you obviously made an error in what you posted,
    but dont turn it around to make me look in the wrong, i was stopping
    people from going there and having their web browser infested not a
    big crime is it?!

    I use loads of websites that have no .com .net .org .co.uk so didnt
    necessarily think anything of the domain having no suffix.

    SjT, Oct 13, 2004
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  3. phil

    Dave R Guest

    Care to provide an example? The DNS isn't set up to have no domain
    suffices. All that will happen is that a suffix may be appended by the
    DNS resolver, depending on who your ISP is, and the client being run.

    From my machine, if I try to resolve the name "www.vcdquality", then it
    ultimately resolves with a .co.uk suffix, providing I look it up manually.
    If I enter that name into Mozilla, my firewall reports that the name is
    Dave R, Oct 13, 2004
  4. phil

    Just D. Guest

    Hi Dave R,
    Probably you should know that your local machine resolves this name. First
    of all your operating system has a set of extensions that should be used to
    resolve the incomplete names like these. Then you can add your own
    extensions. Take a look and download X-Setup from http://www.x-setup.net/
    This program can help you to change these suffixes and/or to add your own.
    And DO NOT change anything that you don't know, it's dangerous for the
    operating system at all.

    Just D., Oct 13, 2004
  5. phil

    Rod Jenkins Guest

    The typo was LAYRE. However, I am half way through Eats, Shoots & Leaves
    and have finished the chapter on the apostrophe. According to Lynne Truss;
    until recently it was customary to write plurals of abbreviations with an
    aphostrophe: DVD's. This convention still applies in the USA. Personally I
    think it is ugly, but I do not think we are in the realm of Apple's here.
    (Did you notice my use of the Oxford comma?) I think I will stop there. I
    suspect that close scrutiny of the preceding will provide a target for a
    quiverfull of arrows. ;-)

    Rod Jenkins, Oct 13, 2004
  6. phil

    mrlipring Guest

    well, it's only gonna be one of a few things really...

    My firefox browser here finds .com automagically, but that might just be
    because i've been there before.

    Internet explorer, rightly enough, tells me it can't find the server. If
    you're getting a webpage there, you've got something dodgy, be it a
    search bar that does that automatically, or some full blown spyware.

    You pc tries to resolve the server address, and if it can't find it, it
    should tell you it. seeing as how www.vcdquality has no top level
    domain, it shouldn't be able to find anything, but yours has, it's found
    some kinda search site, so you've got something up.

    People CANNOT go there if they don't have some kinda spyware/search bar
    thing installed, and if a search bar is sending you somewhere to get
    spyware installed, it's dodgy, and you should chuck it. In fact, you
    should chuck I.E, as i presume you're using.

    Care to tell us some of these websites that have no TLD suffix?
    mrlipring, Oct 14, 2004
  7. phil

    mrlipring Guest

    I put that down after a few minutes. I seem to remember an error, not
    necessarily in punctuation, about a fridge. if you're gonna go to the
    bother of writing a bloomin' book about people's spelling and grammar...
    mrlipring, Oct 14, 2004
  8. You know, the apostrophe irritated me so much I never noticed the
    mis-spelling :) I tolerate mis-types much more than I do
    Laurence Payne, Oct 14, 2004
  9. phil

    MikeD Guest

    Way off topic now...

    The Cambridge Handbook of Copy Editing 1975 says:

    Apostrophes should not be used to indicate plurals, e.g. N.C.O.s not

    However, some people prefer to use apostrophes after lower-case letters,
    e.g. "dotting his i's".

    MikeD, Oct 14, 2004
  10. phil

    SjT Guest

    Yeah i am, as (Beleive it or not) i do webdesign so i use I.E. purely
    because its the most used web browser out there, i.e. if it works on
    that then thats the job done as far as im concerned.
    I was thinking of beam.to 's etc. but of course their suffix does
    exist, as it's the 'to' part, and now i think of it it's impossible to
    not have a TLD suffix, i was thinking of prefix's.

    But it looks like i must have some sort of spyware hanging around if
    its taking me to that site, it looked so real as it autogenerates a
    graphically logo saying 'www.vcdquality' but each letter is loaded up
    seperately so its quite a clever idea really., anyway, i can't beleive
    it, i got 4 layers of protection on this machine and STILL it gets
    through.. pisses me off.

    Sorry for having a go anyway. ;)
    SjT, Oct 14, 2004
  11. phil

    MikeD Guest

    If you're designing web sites you should take account of the fact that many
    people use non-IE browsers (Netscape, Opera etc.). You should design your
    web pages to work with all of these, otherwise the job is most definitely
    *not* done.

    MikeD, Oct 14, 2004
  12. Since the late 90s when netscape usage went below 10% (I think it's now well
    below 5% but I haven't the time to google the exact figure), it's no longer been
    worth the effort to take anymore than a cursory look at the netscape oddities.
    AFAIK, opera has an IE compatibility mode.

    I know this will send the netscape users into orbit so I wont post further other
    than to say Netscape 4 ;-)

    Stuart McKears, Oct 14, 2004
  13. phil

    MikeD Guest

    This Netscape user (who has never used version 4, but has also never had a
    virus) will just smile and say nothing...

    MikeD, Oct 14, 2004
  14. phil

    SjT Guest

    I'm with stupid ---> "MikeD"
    Because if i optimise for IE then the majority are covered and i can
    then get on with my real job :D

    I only use standard HTML code wherever i can so as long as developers
    of each browser are doing their job correct there should be no
    problem. And flash is pretty universal nowadays.

    And to be honest IE is probably the best browser available, it's
    pretty much standard, and if people were given the choice what to use
    with a windows installation they would pick it. Rather much like the
    linux crowd who shout about how great it is... yeah its solid and
    works well, but it doesn't do half the things people want to do.

    Same with the mac crowd who run out and buy MS applications and a MS
    windows emulator. madness.
    SjT, Oct 14, 2004
  15. phil

    Dave R Guest

    It wasn't *that* bad :) The Mozilla base is a lot better though.
    Dave R, Oct 14, 2004
  16. phil

    Dave R Guest

    Ah one of *those*. If a site doesn't display properly, I just go
    elsewhere, I usually send an email letting them know of the problem, and
    that I had to "buy elsewhere" for example. Sometimes I get a positive
    response. Most often I get nothing.
    Flash may not get through corporate firewalls. It's a great
    application, but can't be relied upon.
    Now if only it followed the standards as well. :)
    Eh? I was given a choice, and I dumped it.

    Anyway, this has the beginnings of one of the pointless browser flames
    that don't go anywhere. Most people don't know the difference, and
    don't know why they should bother to upgrade. Out of the remainder that
    are clued up, they just like one browser over another. Great. The more
    competition the better.
    Dave R, Oct 14, 2004
  17. phil

    mrlipring Guest

    and some people are stupid. Dotting his i's what? I'm not a
    spelling/punctuation/grammar nazi. I don't mind missing capitals and
    stuff. I do it myself all the time, but when i write stuff on the net,
    it's perfectly intelligible. It's people who post things, and it's just
    jibberish that piss me off. A typo like layre/layer ain't all that bad
    in the grand scheme of things. It's people who are too lazy to write
    properly. SMS speak is one of the reasons people type like spazzies too.
    I'm a pedant with text messages, i punctuate and spell correctly, or at
    least to the best of my abilities. It costs a lot more though :)
    mrlipring, Oct 15, 2004
  18. phil

    mrlipring Guest

    I salute you, for admitting you're wrong. No offence taken. We all ****
    up on occasion and it's all too easy to just brush over the fact, and
    carry on regardless.

    There's php code to insert text into an image/make an image out of text,
    so all the site must do is check how you got there, and autogenerate the
    image. The people who make this spyware and stuff are scum.
    mrlipring, Oct 15, 2004
  19. phil

    mrlipring Guest

    far from the best browser. The most widely used. The most compatible
    with web sites, and probably the simplest to use, but far from the best.

    It's only the most compatible because more people use it, and web coders
    write non-compliant code. Make the extra effort. test your code with w3c
    standards. There's nothing you can do with IE that can't be done with a
    little COMPLIANT coding. If i was paying you to code a site for me i'd
    expect people with all browsers to be able to see it properly, and that
    means being compliant.

    IE, as you've found out, is a piece of shit, security wise. Don't get me
    wrong, i've only just started using firefox in recent months, having
    used slimbrowser (based on IE, but slightly more functional, with tabs
    etc) for a year or so before, but firefox is quite simply the best. It's
    fast, has all the features you could want (and more by extensions) and
    is far more secure than IE. Quite possibly if everyone used firefox, the
    people writing exploits for IE would write them to take advantage of
    flaws in firefox, but with firefox being open source, it'd be fixed in a
    day, or before the hole was exploited, not weeks or even months later,
    like with IE.

    I use XP because it's the OS that the apps i want to use run on, and
    it's a decent os (once you tighten up security) but i've ditched both
    Outlook express and IE in favour of gravity, the bat and firefox for
    usenet, email and web access respectively.

    Ie sucks. :)
    mrlipring, Oct 15, 2004
  20. phil

    mrlipring Guest

    I'd do it, but you know, i'm biased, tony would no doubt cry. I've done
    tests of my own here with trailers for movies, reducing them by as much
    as 50% (which is far more compressed than practically any film would
    need to be) without noticeable reduction in quality on a MONITOR let
    alone a tv, which will smooth out minor imperfections. That was with
    tmpgenc as well, a fairly basic encoder. I'll have a play with procoder
    when i have time.

    As with a previous argument i had with him regarding acceptable bitrated
    (then for SVCD iirc) i can only urge everyone out there to have a mess
    for themselves. Try the one-click solutions, then head over to doom9.org
    and read the (admittedly more complicated but) better ways to do it.

    There's more to learn, but you'll get far better results.
    mrlipring, Oct 15, 2004
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