Dual Layre DVD`s

Discussion in 'Video Cameras' started by phil, Sep 24, 2004.

  1. phil

    SjT Guest

    Well i use 3 different browsers (4 if you include linux which i hardly
    use), and i do check the website with each of those out of curiosity,
    but i never make a point of checking it all before i upload it.

    In the past i've not had a problem as i make sure i use only standard
    HTML, i dont like bloated sights, i beleive the right colour and a
    nice layout beats any amount of shit spinning round on the screen.
    Tell me about it, the site is entirely flash driven as my employers
    originally had it outsourced and all the pages are generated using php
    from a backend database.. It's a pain in the arse and as it's only a
    small part of my job i havent got the time to sit through and reformat
    each page into standard html. And as it's all stored on their
    webspace still i can't even remove the frigging flash front end
    without paying them a release charge (Few grand).. arses.
    Sadly you are not the majority though.

    I don't like MS and their monopolistic ways but at the same time it's
    great having a standard out there otherwise things would be a lot
    worse imo.

    Take video formats i see there's a new competitor to the avi format -
    mkv, what a pain in the arse this is gonna be if it takes off.
    Nah i aint gonna argue about what the best browser is cause i doesn't
    matter to me, i sold out to MS years ago as i was spending so much
    time fucking about with my machine that i wasn't actually getting to
    do what i wanted with it.

    And to be honest it's only the hackers that ruin MS Windows and
    explorer, i think that any software that was the majority choice would
    get the same problems, especially those that are open source.
    SjT, Oct 15, 2004
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  2. phil

    Dave R Guest


    <fights urge - must stop thread>

    Dave R, Oct 15, 2004
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  3. phil

    mrlipring Guest

    If people weren't exploiting its security holes, there'd be no problems
    with it, apart from lack of features, but if mozilla browsers can be
    secure, then someone with a budget like MS should be able to do the
    mrlipring, Oct 15, 2004
  4. phil

    mrlipring Guest

    errm... there IS a standard for html. http://www.w3c.org/

    Decent browsers adhere to it.

    As for video formats, mkv and ogm have more features than avi. There's a
    difference between progress and ignoring standards that work perfectly
    mrlipring, Oct 15, 2004
  5. phil

    SjT Guest

    Yes i meant a standard browser, i.e. beyond html. Just think that
    it's good that there is one major browser as opposed to 4 browsers
    having 20+% of the market to themselves then webpages would become
    bloated to accomodate for them all, and they will all have features
    others don't have, otherwise what is the point in them? :)

    It's the whole thing in business when you want to have some brochures
    done, the company doing the work always gives you the mac is better
    than pc crap. Sure it probably is, but it's a pain in the arse
    finding software that comfortably converts to proprietry mac formats
    (Although adobe have helped in recent years admittedly).
    Yes, well this is more of a personal issue as i want to go out and buy
    a divx dvd player, well looks i'm going to wait and see what happens
    on the mkv front now, i understand that they can be divx embedded in
    the mkv file, but the added subtitling features may not be supported
    on whatever player i get and even just raw divx playback from a mkv
    file may not be possible.. who knows?!

    Looking at one of those Kiss DP 500 LAN streaming players.. looks a
    great idea! :D
    SjT, Oct 15, 2004

  6. Agreed, I'm a web developer too. IE-only 'webdesign' (aka the
    frontpage crew) give web sites a bad name. You need to check as a
    minimum in IE5, IE6, Opera, Mozilla, Firefox and a voice browser of
    your choice (Jaws is a good screen reader for such purposes).

    Doing that will let you know just how *broken* your sites are compared
    to modern, standards compliant browsers, and how *inaccessible* they
    are to users with a visual disability for example.

    Once you're sufficiently humbled by this experience, and have your
    sites working in all modern browsers, then you'll have learned a hell
    of a lot, and have many marketable skills ;-))

    Cheers - Neil

    PHP, MySQL, Apache, XML, Digital Media
    Deaf access site : http://www.captionkit.com
    Neil Smith [MVP Digital Media], Oct 15, 2004
  7. You'd think that a basic attribute of a platform "better" for art work
    would be the ability to import all manner of formats.
    Laurence Payne, Oct 15, 2004
  8. phil

    mrlipring Guest

    Errm.. If you do it with standard html, it'll work in any browser that
    adheres to the w3c rules.
    Get yourself an xbox, chip it, and put on XBMC. A lan streaming media
    player that will play almost anything you can lay your hands on.
    mrlipring, Oct 16, 2004
  9. phil

    SjT Guest

    I am referring to the actual behaviour of a browser, as opposed to how
    it reads the html files, i.e. how it loads it's images, how it deals
    with plugins, how it chooses to manipulate pop-ups etc. These kind of
    thing have to be considered when designing a webpage imo, so it's good
    that there is one browser that stands out from the rest.. Yes it may
    be shit, but if you're designing webpages you're gonna aim for IE
    compatibility over the rest, and if you have time restraints then you
    can leave it there safe in the knowledge that it 'should' also work on
    other browsers as they all try and emulate IE functions.

    Just as Linux is now emulating windows in order to tempt users over.
    Well i use XBMP i'm tempted by XBMC, but what the xbox doesn't have is
    the ability to shut up when i'm asleep :D It's just too noisy. I
    like to watch dvd's in bed quite a lot so it just isn't suitable
    really... And i don't want to wear the poor thing out otherwise my
    xbox live performance suffers ;)

    And streaming media to it is a pain in the arse, nothing i've tried
    works, only want basic internet radio and spool my videos from the pc.
    Something that streams the winamp radio stations would be the best, i
    love those crazy US Talk stations!
    SjT, Oct 18, 2004
  10. phil

    SjT Guest

    I'm with stupid ---> "Neil Smith [MVP Digital Media]"
    Well that's a different kettle of fish altogether, what i was
    referring to was coding in bog standard HTML, and only using IE to
    test it.. My beleif is that if it looks fine in IE then it should look
    fine in any other browser.

    Bring frontpage into the equation and i would agree that it's a
    complete pisstake and typical of MS's monopolistic ways.
    SjT, Oct 18, 2004
  11. phil

    mrlipring Guest

    there are settings in either xmbc or evoX to adjust the fan speed of the
    xbox. It's also possible to install a larger fan, for equal airflow at
    lower voltage (and noise), i believe. There is also the option of
    getting a remote control and modding the xbox to be turned off/on via
    the remote, or, i believe, the joypad.

    Why doesn't streaming work for you? I can stream the trailers off
    apple.com, listen to internet radio etc just fine.1
    mrlipring, Oct 18, 2004
  12. phil

    SjT Guest

    Dunno why it won't work.

    What are you using to stream? Are you sharing your connection direct
    from the xbox? or are you having to run some PC Application that
    streams from the net to your xbox?

    I think my problem is that i don't run EvoX so everything is off
    DVD/CD and as my Xbox's IP is set via DHCP it can change and so it
    screws everything about, i've now set it manually so i may try again
    in the future (If i can pull myself away from xbox live:)
    SjT, Oct 19, 2004
  13. phil

    mrlipring Guest

    you can make xbmc your dashboard instead of evoX if you like.

    Streaming from apple.com is built into the newer builds of MC, it parses
    the web pages.

    As for streaming mp3s, i use itunes, which is a great app, much as it
    irks me to say it.

    I just transfer any videos across to the 120GB hard drive in the box via
    ftp, but i guess you could use samba or one of the many sharing apps at
    xbox-scene.com for that.

    It's always better to manually set ip addresses i find. If you run xbmc
    off dvds, you can customise it before you burn it, just have a drag and
    drop folder on your pc with the settings the way you like them, then add
    your videos etc.
    mrlipring, Oct 19, 2004
  14. phil

    SjT Guest

    YES! :D

    It finally works, i had a sit down with it last night and got
    no-where, then i decided to give the new build of XBMC a try, and oh
    my god!! It should be made a illegal that any xbox owner shouldn't
    know about this app.. it's nothing short of amazing! :D

    I just set up my PC on a workgroup and XBMC just eases on it and sees
    all my shares, connects to the net via my router, it is superb.. i
    could talk about this for hours but its not the place.

    I'm gonna have to get a new xbox now just as a standalone media

    And you are right, assigning a fixed IP really helps set it up.

    Decided to use boxplorer as a boot disc and then put a few apps in
    E/Apps, works a treat now and doesn't kill xbox live Woo! :D

    Cheers mate ;)
    SjT, Oct 20, 2004
  15. phil

    mrlipring Guest

    no probs :)
    mrlipring, Oct 20, 2004
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