Dual Output video cards

Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by Aidan, Jun 26, 2003.

  1. Aidan

    Aidan Guest

    Hello all,

    I'll soon be upgrading my PC system and would like to put a new video card
    in with dual displays. I've got an old 15" sitting around that I'd like to
    use for palletes and such to get them out of the way. My problem seems to
    be finding video cards that have built in support for 2 monitors. Is there
    a good list out there that could help guide me or any advice that can be
    offered would be much appreciated.

    thanks much,

    Aidan, Jun 26, 2003
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  2. Aidan

    Eric Gill Guest


    Every major vendor's medium and high range cards, and most of the low-
    range, support dual head. Matrox probably has price point if you want no 3D
    at all with the G550; ATI's 9500 would be better otherwise. Both give
    excellent quality images and have quality drivers and support software.
    Eric Gill, Jun 26, 2003
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  3. Aidan

    jeje Guest

    If you work on Windows XP, you can put a PCI video card with the AGP video
    card and make a "dual head".
    jeje, Jun 26, 2003
  4. Aidan

    chris Guest

    i use 2 monitors on 2 seperate video cards - one is agp32M and the other is
    an old 8meg pci

    it works well

    and just for fun at one point i put a third one on - that worked well too

    2 x 15" and a 17" - what a desktop
    chris, Jun 26, 2003
  5. Aidan

    Stephan Guest

    Not only with XP, any Windows will do that.
    If you want two monitors just ad a cheapo used PCI video card, who cares how
    bad it is since the OP just wants to park his tools and palettes on a tiny
    You can ad as many PCI cards as you want.
    I came across a page on the subject and the author found out that Windows
    was perfectly happy running up to 32 PCI video cards.

    Stephan, Jun 26, 2003
  6. Aidan

    Hecate Guest

    A 32 monitor desktop? Now *that* would be interesting... ;-)
    Hecate, Jun 27, 2003
  7. Aidan

    Madsen Guest

    Madsen, Jun 27, 2003
  8. Aidan

    Stephan Guest

    Stephan, Jun 27, 2003
  9. Aidan

    smiley Guest

    Am I understanding this right???
    You can just toss a second (or more) video card in
    and windows is cool with that? Why then would folks
    be paying $200-900 for a single card with dual monitor capabilities?
    Seems silly.

    smiley, Jun 27, 2003
  10. Aidan

    Eric Gill Guest

    It would be, if you had to pay that kind of premium for dualhead. You
    don't. The Radeon 9100, with dualhead plus TV out can be had for $55USD.
    Eric Gill, Jun 27, 2003
  11. Aidan

    Stephan Guest

    Stephan, Jun 27, 2003
  12. Aidan

    Madsen Guest

    Madsen, Jun 27, 2003
  13. Aidan

    Jimmy Guest

    Jimmy, Jun 27, 2003
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