DV capture problem - audio pops + hisses, please advise!

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Hank Meyne, Nov 26, 2003.

  1. Hank Meyne

    Hank Meyne Guest

    I am capturing DV from a Canon Optura Pi using a Pinnacle Linx
    FireWire card. My PC is a new top-of-the line Dell Precision
    Workstation (the best model they make) with tons of RAM, HDD, etc. My
    captures always work fine and never drop any frames whatsoever in both
    Pinnacle Studio DV 8.10 and Vegas+DVD 4. The problem is that the
    resulting DV AVI audio has terrible loud pops, hisses, scratches, etc.
    all through it. These noises occur every few seconds, on and off
    throughout the whole capture, and sound like a scratchy vinyl record.
    The noises are completely random and don't coincide with anything
    (scene changes, etc). I have had some capture sound perfect with this
    same setup, but it seems that they all make these noises now. The
    source DV tape doesn't have the noises, and when played in the
    camcorder with headphones, it's perfectly clear. These noises of
    course make it write into my MPEG renderings too, which ruins my DVDs
    because they sound terrible. I cannot find any help on this on the
    web, usenet, or Pinnacle forums. Please advise, thank you.
    Hank Meyne, Nov 26, 2003
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