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Discussion in 'Video Cameras' started by Just D, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. Just D

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    Have you ever heard about some device that could be used to copy the DV
    tapes to the computer? I used Canon GL2 to create many tapes. Some of them
    are already permanently located on my RAID array, but this is a huge amount
    of data and I'd prefer to use a simle quick way of copying these tapes, but
    I don't want to use camcorder for this operation. So the question appeared -
    is it possible to find some device, it supposed to be relatively cheap, to
    insert a DV tape and copy the content to computer using Fireware as usual?

    There is one more downsize of this question. Probably I will replace this
    GL2 with some HD SDHC camcorder. There are several items on the Internet and
    I'm sure there will be much more pretty soon. But I don't want to lose an
    access to the tapes that I recorded. On the other hand it's silly to keep
    GL2 just for reading these tapes.

    Just D.
    Just D, Jun 11, 2009
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