DV in just stopped working, any ideas?

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Jeff, Aug 30, 2003.

  1. Jeff

    Jeff Guest

    Hi All,

    My DV in has stopped working for some reason. I can capture with no
    dropped frames via firewire every time but when it comes to print to
    tape in vegas 4.0 I can't get the video back out. What happens is that
    the window showing the output video in vegas goes blank (as it
    should), the TRV22 starts recording but no video is sent. Once the
    video is finished the TRV22 stops recording (as it should). The
    strange thing is that DV in used to work up to a week or two ago. This
    happens whether I'm using the built in firewire or the port on my SB
    Audigy. If I use the Audigy port I do get about a second of video on
    the camera and then the picture pixilates and goes blank.

    The same thing happens in Premiere 6.0

    I've tested the camera on another machine and all is well (thankfully)
    DV in and Out.

    I know the 1394 port is part of XP and doesen't need drivers but can
    anyone suggest what else could be wrong.

    System specs:
    AMD Athlon XP2700+ (not O/C'd)
    1 gig corsair ram
    500gb RAID for the video + other IDE & SCSI drives
    Chaintech 7NJS M/Board with Nforce 2.0 chipset (on board 1394)
    SB Audigy Platinum EX with 1394
    Nvidia TI4600 Ultra Deluxe video card
    Sony TRV22e Camera
    Regards, Jeff.
    Jeff, Aug 30, 2003
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