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Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by Rayne, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. Rayne

    Rayne Guest

    Hi all, i was just sent a link to the serious magic website
    (http://www.seriousmagic.com/) to look at the 'DV rack' product. It
    looks really interesting for especially for our little 2 man shoot
    trips. However the problem is we all work on Macs...anyone know of any
    equivalent bits of software for mac?

    What are your impressions of this bit of software anyhow? Any
    experience of it?

    Rayne, Jun 21, 2006
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  2. Rayne

    doc Guest

    good luck pal. that's one of the 1,000 reasons we got rid of our macs !!

    doc, Jun 22, 2006
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  3. Rayne

    Rayne Guest

    Really? Thats interesting...do tell, why else?
    Rayne, Jun 22, 2006
  4. Rayne

    doc Guest

    hmmmmm, proprietary software, not much (if hardly any) 3rd party stuff, 1
    repair center in 100 miles while there are at least 20+ pc repair stations,
    they crashed all the time, apple/mac tech support solution to any major
    issue is just "reboot" the entire system, fcp crashes, they take at least
    twice as long to render as our pc's, can't get a lot of user support because
    most people are using pc, apple/mac lied about service - said to go to a
    authorized repair station for a warranty claim (bad mother board on 3 month
    old g5) and then wouldn't warranty it because we took it to the only
    apple/mac dealer we could find in 82 miles which was an authorized apple/mac
    factory repair station but not an authorized apple/mac warranty station
    (geez, there's a difference? yep that's what the warranty station said -
    and so did useless tech support and sales and customer service), they only
    run apple/mac software (although their doing everything they can to look
    like a pc cause they know themselves pc is the way to go), hmmmmmm . . .
    need i go much further and list all 1,000 reasons?

    we had two NEW g5's with fcp to edit television production for a 30 minute
    talk show and regardless of whether machine the render times were
    sooooooooooooo long that we got where we'd just set up the renders and then
    let them render overnight. only problem is we had to do two renders which
    meant that we had to do a show over two days or let a machine be tied up all
    day. with about 6-8 hours other work on the shows, this meant that
    turnaround time was 3 days minimum (let alone often fcp crashes or operating
    system crashes) . . so . . when the one g5 was rendered BAD and we took all
    day to go to that "authorized repair station" and so we picked up a hot pc
    (for about one third what we paid for the mac) a nice new unopend copy of
    liquid edition from pinnacle (now updated to avid liquid 7) and with little
    more than a training dvd from paul mitton, we were up and running in a
    heartbeat once we got used to the user friendly GUI (instead of the hard to
    work with fcp gui) and found that it's (liquid's) complete and total windows
    shortcut GREATS allowed us to finish a project in not 3 days but 1 - -
    that's right ONE! renders were cut to about 1 hr each instead of half a day
    (or more) and we could train a monkey to do the routine tasks (whereas it
    took days to train an operator on fcp to do mundane tasks) and the reason?
    pc's are everywhere and the pile of 3rd party applications are greater than
    the number of words inside all the messages in this group, let alone, we
    have litterally zillions of support folks in literally zillions of support
    groups the minute we went PC - windows . . why? cause it's the number one
    operating environment for consumer, prosumer, and professionals, for all
    around platform applications and uses. within that 82 mile window there's
    gotta be 30 dealers who at a seconds notice can answer a question and lead
    us down the right path, . . . why . . . a 10 year old kid helped us with one
    snag but he's never seen a mac, nor has any of the other folks we got street
    help from.

    so if you want to go out on an island and basically live alone and be your
    own tech support and cry on your own shoulders, get urself one of those
    supposed hot (SLOW) macs and live like a prince but if you like to get help
    from others, operate FAST, and live like a KING, then go PC with M$
    Windows - - i'm a M$ Windows fan right? WRONG! i was the last person on
    the earth to try windows because i'm an old dos and linux guy . . but the
    truth is the truth . . with windows you can litterally do anything since it
    became an operating system and not a gui application.

    well not from mineappolis but i'm a real time user who runs a tv production
    house and multimedia productions and our switch has saved us a lot of

    doc, Jun 22, 2006
  5. Rayne

    Bill Guest

    This started out relatively credible and convincing. Like Terry Nichols
    in the "Bowling for Columbine" movie. And then you come to that "there
    sure are lot of crazy people out there...." Indeed.
    Bill, Jun 27, 2006
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