DVD Architect Preview grainy and jerky

Discussion in 'Video Cameras' started by Micheal Ra, Dec 29, 2006.

  1. Micheal Ra

    Micheal Ra Guest

    I've recently downloaded trial versions of Sony's Vegas Studio (Version
    6.0b, build 126) and DVD Architect Studio (version 3.0b build 93) for
    evaluation. I've found that they more than meet my needs for editing
    and DVD menu creation. However, Architect Studio doesn't allow you to
    burn a DvD; you're only allowed to preview the project in a DVD player
    simulation within the application. I found that the on-screen display
    of the video was poor - the picture was very grainy and movement very
    jerky (as if frames were dropped). The DV-AVI files I fed into
    Architect play much better than this in both Vegas Studio and Windows
    Media Player.

    I've checked the Preferences->General->Use Microsoft DV Reader box and
    this has no effect on the way the video plays. I'm assuming DVD
    Architect's previewer is just rendering the DV-AVI file and has not
    transcoded it.

    Do other users of DVD Architect Studio notice that video played in the
    previewer is poor in the way I described? Also, what is the general
    opinion of the quality of Architect Studio's MPEG encoder? Your
    replies will be appreciated.

    Micheal Ra, Dec 29, 2006
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  2. Micheal Ra

    Just D Guest


    I started using Vegas Studio a few years ago and to be honest I'm very
    impressed with the codec. But I'm using a little bit another schema to
    create and burn my DVD disks. I create Mpeg2 files using Vegas and then I
    create disks in Nero using smart option which assumes - no recoding, just
    take the file as is and use it. I assume that DVD Architect is maybe a good
    tool, but I tried it couple times and didn't find it very convenient for
    myself. Maybe it's my old habit of using Nero, I don't know.

    Also since you're using Demo/Trial you're not able to get a valid MPeg2 file
    and test it out. Although you can probably find these files stored somewhere
    in TEMP dirs on your machine before Vegas Studio deletes these files after
    you reviewed them. :) If/When you install a workable version with activation
    and all other stuff you'll see that you can create mpeg2 files and burn up
    to 2 hours of a very good video on one standard 4.5 DVD disk with the
    quality pretty close to TV broadcast, but only if your camcorder is good
    enough to originally bring you this quality with AVI files. My GL2 is close
    to perfect one and I see that even when children run in the forest (a very
    busy picture and hard task for codec) in this movie the picture is excellent
    after encoding with Vegas Studio. I've never seen something like that trying
    half of dozen different codecs before I finally bought this software.

    Thanks a lot to the people in this newsgroup for letting me know about Vegas
    and its smaller sister Vegas Studio, that's all I need and like to do my

    I know that at least couple more people in this NG are using the same
    product and can explain you more details about it.

    Just D.
    Just D, Dec 30, 2006
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