DVD Cap Parameters For Music Video Live Promo Performances

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Fastfwd, Feb 20, 2005.

  1. Fastfwd

    Fastfwd Guest

    I'm capping from Direct Tivo through an analog (S-Video) connection to
    AVI 720x480. I haven't been encoding to DVD because most people are
    burdened by SVCD size in the group that I'm capping these for.
    Anyway, what are the best parameters to set in Premiere Pro 1.5
    (Mainconcept encoder) for live performance DVD caps? I would have to
    imagine keeping the average performance around 150 megs would be ideal.
    I suppose you can make a 5 minute clip more than 300 megs maxed out,
    but my experimentation hasn't been showing a whole lot of gain even
    at 225 megs with my source material @:

    Video Summary:
    Codec: MainConcept MPEG Video
    Quality: 5.0 (high quality)
    TV Standard: NTSC
    Frame Rate [fps]: 29.97 drop frame
    Field Order: None (Progressive)
    Aspect Ratio: 4:3
    Frame Width [pixels]: 720
    Frame Height [pixels]: 480
    Bitrate Encoding: VBR, 2 Pass
    Minimum Bitrate [Mbps]: 1.5000 (low quality)
    Target Bitrate [Mbps]: 4.0000 (low quality)
    Maximum Bitrate [Mbps]: 7.0000 (high quality)
    M Frames: 3
    N Frames: 15

    Audio Summary:
    Audio Format: PCM
    Codec: PCM Audio
    Sample Size: 16 bit
    Frequency: 48 kHz

    Multiplexer Summary:
    Multiplexing: DVD

    That was the last shot I took at it. The progressive setting must be
    wrong... I'm getting interlace artifacts, though I thought my AVI
    capture would be progressive - giving me a progressive source as far
    as Premiere is concerned?

    Any suggestions for settings? Audio better with PCM or Mpeg? Thanks!
    Fastfwd, Feb 20, 2005
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  2. Fastfwd

    Ken Maltby Guest

    The S-Video output of your DirecTiVo DVR is (like mine) an
    interlaced analog signal. So with an interlaced source you keep
    the interlace during capture, and you keep it after that; unless you
    have a progressive DVD Player AND a progressive display
    device. Software and Hardware that can work with progressive
    formats will accept non-progressive, interlaced inputs, except
    some display devices. I would be surprised to hear that Premiere
    Pro can't De-interlace its input along with other filtering.

    I'm not quite sure what: " I haven't been encoding to DVD
    because most people are burdened by SVCD size in the group
    that I'm capping these for." , means? But I'm left with the
    impression that they may not all have progressive displays. So
    you might want to keep the interlace.

    I find and 192kbps fine for most MP2 and AC3 audio, but
    often use 256kbps for musically oriented material. You can
    take stereo MP2 to 384kbps and AC3 to 448kbps. Your
    Linear PCM is most likely 1536kbps, which is why it takes
    up so much room.

    Ken Maltby, Feb 21, 2005
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  3. Fastfwd

    Fastfwd Guest

    I was referring to the download size of the videos when mentioning that
    the group I was supplying video to was burdened by more than SVCD
    quality. The DVD quality will probably double that size. I believe
    most are on dial-up.

    I suppose that I'm fishing for somebody to tell me if there is an
    accepted standard going for these DVD quality music videos and promo
    clips? I actually haven't burned a dvd for standalone player because
    it is more convenient for me to just use my laptop to view videos
    through my home receiver. It would be nice for these videos to be
    compliant in that regard though if that might be the intention of the
    users downloading the videos. I suppose that I can run them through
    myself and see how they turn out. Again, I was looking for someone to
    feed me the standard for encoding these. Specs wise, that is. I
    suppose that I'll just keep the VBR 2 Pass and adjust the target
    bandwidth until I feel that the gain in size isn't increasing the
    quality. Thanks though for the sound input.
    Fastfwd, Feb 22, 2005
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