DVD-RAM Format Gets Major Boost: Panasonic Forges Alliance With Thomson

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by Jerry Jones, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. Jerry Jones

    Jerry Jones Guest

    GE and RCA are Thomson brand names.

    As this news release reveals, the DVD-RAM format will be included in
    future DVD players marketed by Thomson:


    Thomson obtained licensing rights through the year 1997 to use the GE

    As explained on page 5 of this PDF document...


    "In 1987, Thomson S.A. entered the North American market by purchasing
    the consumer electronics businesses of the General Electric Co.
    ("GE"), which included activities GE had developed over the years as
    well as those of RCA Victor, the then-leading developer, manufacturer,
    and distributor of consumer electronics products in the U.S. market,
    which GE had recently acquired."

    "The 1987 agreements also covered the patents relating to these
    activities, as well as the corresponding licensing revenues, which
    were transferred at a later date."

    "The 1987 sale also included an exclusive license to use the GE brand
    for consumer electronics products until 2007."

    This is a big deal for the DVD-RAM format.

    Jerry Jones
    Jerry Jones, Aug 28, 2003
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