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Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by kay & wand, Dec 25, 2003.

  1. kay & wand

    kay & wand Guest

    And back again. I've read everything on www.dvdr etc, read with anticipation
    the replies I received, thank you, and am still befumbled, bemused and most
    of all frustrated...

    What i want to end up with is a short MPEG interview or two on CD - they are
    to be
    incorporated into an educational CD intended as support material.

    I have edited interviews, titles etc, on a dedicated editing system (sony,
    with no digital out - just to digital tape). My only way of getting files
    from the system is recording them to a Philips 75 DVD
    stand alone recorder. The discs from this are playable in all set-top DVDs
    i've tested,
    and of course, on my computer. (I have a DVD ROM drive, and a LG 4040

    I have downloaded DVD lab which came recommended from the newsgroups. Having
    played with a few others, it's definately the best choice for me. I also
    have vegas 4 with
    MPEG plug-ins (on loan from a friend). I have also downloaded demos of most
    other programs concerned with DVD ripping/encoding/decoding/demystifying
    software of all descriptions...

    I am having problems:

    a. Vegas wont read vobs, and renaming to MPEG is fine but vegas still wont
    sound (AC3).

    b. I have converted a number of vobs via womble wizard, leaving video stream
    untouched and simply changing audio to layer ll and they work fine.
    However, a number of vobs from the Philips simply wont load. They play
    happily in various dvd viewers etc, but for the life of me I cannot import
    into anything -- I simply get a still picture of the opening frame and
    nothing else.

    c. These files (the still vobs) have equal file lenght as the others, and I
    can import them into vegas, where they play, but obviously with no sound as
    it is ac3.

    I am getting more and more depressed and angry that what should be as simple
    process seems unreasonably complicated. I have noted that nearly all the
    information on the net is aimed at cracking movies and the like. Is there
    any sites that might give a more direct "professional" approach to this sort
    of problem? Is there anyone out there who understands me? (My wife does, but
    she'd hasn't the patience to even turn the computer on).

    Am sorry to taking up so much time and cyberspace with my problems and if
    there is someone out there who can help and doesn't want to be exposed on
    the net my address is


    On one line and of course!

    Hoping this message in the ether reaches a friendly shore,

    kay & wand, Dec 25, 2003
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  2. kay & wand

    MD Vid Guest

    Easiest way around this is to load the Vob into Virtual dub mpeg/ac3,(can be
    downloaded from: http://www.digitaldigest.com/dvd/downloads/virtualdub.html)
    and save the sound file as a *.wav. You can then just load the sound into
    Vegas, and edit to your heart's content. You can also convert the mpeg2
    file into a more 'editable' format. There are detailed instructions on how
    to do this at the site above, and at http://www.doom9.org. It's actually
    very easy.

    MD Vid, Dec 25, 2003
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