Early Nikon D80 Purchasers - Help!

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Billy O'Dwyer, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. Hello all.

    I purchased a D80 kit from Jessops in November 2006. The lens recently
    started whining and failing to focus when in auto mode. Now, when I bought
    it I could swear that there was a sticker on the box that said something
    about an extended warranty if I registered my serial numbers on the Nikon
    website. Which I dutifully did. But now that I have a problem, I can find no
    reference of this offer on the website, and the box has long since
    dissapeared into the black-hole that is our garage. The website confirms
    that I have registered my items, and that there is a current (from 1 July
    2007) offer of this type, but no reference to such an offer when I bought
    the camera.

    I wonder if anyone out there who also bought a D80 at around that time, and
    who was diligent enough to have kept the box, could confirm if there is such
    a sticker on it. I am quite prepared to be found wrong! But if there's a
    chance my memory isn't playing tricks, then it might save me a costly repair

    Thanks in advance.
    Billy O'Dwyer, Aug 8, 2008
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  2. Billy O'Dwyer

    Poldie Guest

    Why not just ask for a free repair or replacement under the Sale Of
    Goods Act 1979? Go and ask for the manager, and if he doesn't satisfy
    you then get him to phone from head office and see what they say.
    Ultimately you might have to contact your local trading standards or
    citizens advice bureau for help in taking the problem to a small claims
    court. Some people believe you have a one year guarantee - this is
    nonsense, as is similar talk of warranties. You can buy those if you
    feel like it - indeed, many stores shove them in your face whenever you
    try and buy anything from them as it's money for nothing - but you have
    up to six years protection from manufacturing faults thanks to the Sale
    Of Goods Act. Obviously, the older a product is and the more wear and
    tear its experienced, the more likely you're going to get just a repair
    rather than a replacement, or perhaps not even a repair, but if the guy
    in the shop had told you, when you were buying it, that after around 18
    months or so it would stop working - would you still have bought it?

    All this assumes you have some sort of proof of purchase, otherwise
    you're probably screwed.

    Hope this helps.
    Poldie, Aug 8, 2008
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  3. Billy O'Dwyer

    Woody Guest

    The Sale of Goods act actually says something to the effect of how long
    it would be reasonable to expect an item to work correctly. If you buy a
    washing machine or TV it would not be unreasonable to expect it to work
    for at least five years and (certainly for the washer) perhaps nearer

    Whilst there is always room for discussion, I would have thought that it
    would be reasonable to expect a camera - and at the time an expensive
    one at that - to work correctly for perhaps five years if it has been
    looked after (i.e. non-professional use.)

    If you fell unsure, ring the Trading Standards department at your local
    council. DO NOT use Consumer Direct - the government hotline - as (a)
    they are pretty useless and (b) believe it or not they have a strictly
    limited (and very short) time to talk to each caller and if you reach
    that time you are cut off without warning. Barmy.
    Woody, Aug 10, 2008
  4. Not answering your question, but which lens?
    I'm getting increasingly uncomfortable with the build quality of the
    18-70mm (bought with a D70). It had to be repaired after the front of
    the lens loosened up and could be wobbled by 4-5mm from side to side,
    and now its started doing it again. I thought this was down to the
    rather harsh use I give it - regular buffeting from 100mph winds when
    pointed out of a 'plane, but someone recently told me their lens had
    developed the same fault despite more normal treatment. Their repairer
    was scathing about the internal design, claiming there were inherent
    weaknesses in the engineering.

    (I'll be away for a couple of days from lunchtime, so apologise for any
    delay in following up any replies.)
    Willy Eckerslyke, Aug 12, 2008
  5. Hi.

    Should have stated in the original post, but it is the AFS DX 18-135 kit

    Searching the internet for this problem brings up several discussions that
    seem to indicate I'm certainly not alone in having this problem.

    I let Jessops send it away for inspection, and they have now quoted me
    £65.28 for a repair:
    "Fit new spare parts, check test and clean, adjust lens to Nikon standard."

    How do I go about pointing out the numerous mentions on the above forum (and
    others) to this fault, as well as reference to the Sale of Goods Act, as
    mentioned by other posters? I find it a bit cheeky that Nikon (who are
    providing the repair service for Jessops) are not acknowledging that it is a
    known fault, and want to bill me.

    Am I facing an embarrasing argument with the store manager at paying-up
    time? Or will trading standards back me up with a letter, or whatever?

    Thanks again.
    Billy O'Dwyer, Aug 12, 2008
  6. Damn! That's the lens I got with the D80 and which I use alongside the
    18-70. I haven't had a problem with it ... yet.

    That's what comes of building lenses down to a price, I suppose.
    Willy Eckerslyke, Aug 12, 2008
  7. Hi Bill,

    Sort it out with Nikon before you commit to anything with Jessops. Log on
    to the Nikon support section and send an e-mail outlining your problems and
    quoting the various forums that have highlighted the same problem.

    I have found Nikon Support fast to respond and helpful.


    Geoff. Hayward, Aug 12, 2008
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