Edit software that cuts exactly with like divx, xvid, ...?

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Manquala, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. Manquala

    Manquala Guest


    I really like virtuldub and I captured a movie with the default codec
    that studio pinnacle offers and it cut perfect with virtualdub,
    however, it took 80 gigs on my hard drive for 3 hours about. I want to
    capture with divx, xvid, ... instead. What editing software will cut
    commericals exactly where you want with divx, xvid, ...? Please an
    thank you!
    Manquala, Jun 16, 2006
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  2. Manquala

    webpa Guest

    VirtualDub, but you must have ALL the codecs installed, not just the
    freebee, play-only versions.
    webpa, Jun 16, 2006
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  3. Manquala

    Manquala Guest


    Thanks for replying. Virtualdub does not cut divx exact. What
    software will cut divx exact? THanks!
    Manquala, Jun 17, 2006
  4. Geez, 80gigs?! What capture device are you using? DV is only 13GB per hour,
    so three hours is about 39GB. If you are capturing over analog inputs the
    clarity cannot be any better at 80GB with whatever codec you have chosen.
    Huffy, I suppose. Chroma and Luma are mixed on RCA jacks anyway - so the
    Huffy codec isn't improving on that. S-Video is the better, but still no
    gain in clarity using the Huffy codec over a DV codec.

    If you are capturing in MPEG-2 then capture using I-Frame is the best,
    especially over S-Video. Plus, I-Frame is just like DV in the respect that
    the it is frame independent. Therefore, frame specific when cutting out
    commercials. DivX and any codec using an IBP sort of frame structure will
    never be frame specific.

    If you have 3 hours of video in a single program the capture codec/program
    is most likely creating that single video in 4GB chunks. Find the sequence
    files and edit those down one-by-one. Create a single file for each segment
    without commercials. When you reach a point in a 4GB file that extends into
    the next 4GB sequence save that chunk and label it to match the next
    beginning chunk. Once done place all of them on the timeline and create the
    final file.

    All the time you are doing these new file creations choose "no
    recompression" for the settings.
    Larry Johnson, Jun 17, 2006
  5. Manquala

    Bill's News Guest

    In order for VDub-Mod or -MPEG2 to cut "perfectly," the capture
    would have to be of all Iframes, as it only cuts on Iframes.
    Based on the size of your capture it sounds as if that's what
    you created?

    DVD quality captures in MPEG2 are about 4 gB per hour. MPEG2
    can be edited precisely with VideoReDo or within 1/2 second or
    less, assuming GOPs of 15 frames, by VDub.

    The Pinnacle card I inadvertently own captures Divx at 4 mbps,
    so it's not much of a space saver over DVD quality MPEG2 at ~6
    to 8 mbps. Also, the divx software used by pinnacle has no
    option for splitting the divx capture on-the-fly into 2 gB or
    less chunks for saving directly to DVD media. BTW, the divx
    capture quality is noticably below MPEG2.

    If you capture in MPEG2 and use VideoReDo to edit out
    commercials, you could later convert to xvid/divx at a MUCH
    better quality than the pinnacle card provides - but that will
    take much more time as well.
    Bill's News, Jun 17, 2006
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