Edit talking before burning possible???

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by M. FERRANTE, Jul 16, 2005.


    M. FERRANTE Guest

    Can someone suggest an inexpensive program that will allow me to
    transfer my videos to my computer and then use software to edit and
    then burn a DVD? Here is what I want to do:

    I have about 35 hours of television shows with pianists performing
    throughout the shows. I would like to be able to edit all the talking,
    commercials, and things out and just burn a DVD of only the actual
    piano playing. In that 35 hours, there are approx. 225-250 two-three
    minutes songs being played. Also, if this is possible, I would like to
    be able to go to a particular song if I so chose. Can that be done

    I have never tried this before and will appreciate any help anyone can
    give with suggestions and tips.

    Mark Ferrante
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    M. FERRANTE, Jul 16, 2005
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    marks542004 Guest

    If you just want to cut clips from a longer video the Windows movie
    maker should do the editing job.

    You would need a dvd authoring software to create the dvd with menu to
    select the clip.

    Sony vegass movie studio 4.0 is a good editor bundled with dvd
    authoring for under $100.

    Its worth the investment if you want to do this often.

    There are free or shareware but I have found them less easy to use.

    One of the dazzle or pinnacle bundles would also be an option , and
    they come with capture card.
    marks542004, Jul 17, 2005
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    M. FERRANTE Guest

    Windows Movie Maker? I've never heard of this. Is it something one
    buys or already comes with Windows? I am using XP.


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    M. FERRANTE, Jul 17, 2005

    marks542004 Guest

    I might have the name slightly wrong. I can never keep the movie
    maker/studio etc straight.

    It was preloaded on my system with windows XP. It can be downloaded
    from Microsoft and it should be on the XP install cds and just never

    Sony Vegas is better but Windows Movie was free. You will still need a
    DVD authoring package however.
    marks542004, Jul 18, 2005
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