Editing Freesat recordings

Discussion in 'Video Cameras' started by MikeRead, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. MikeRead

    MikeRead Guest

    Can a BBC 1 program for example BBC 1 breakfast news be recorded to PC hard
    drive via a PC freesat decoder card and then edited directly by for example
    pinnacle video editing application.

    MikeRead, Mar 21, 2009
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  2. MikeRead

    Jerry Guest

    Don't get me started on the miss selling of UK satellite services...

    Of course he will, the only thing about 'Freesat' that is in any way
    different to *FTA* [1] satellite reception is the EPG, Freesat is not
    encrypted [2] like much of the BSkyB service - as such any DVB-S card
    will be able to receive the service except for the EPG.

    In fact, by buying into a Freesat *branded* satellite receiver one is
    actually narrowing the readily available channels, there are many non
    'Freesat' FTA channels that don't appear on the Freesat EPG because
    the owners of the channels have not paid to be listed - for example
    CNN is FTA [3] but will only become listed on 2009.03.25 when it
    'joins' the Freesat EPG. Basically the 'Freesat' service is the
    Electronic Programme Guide and a branded, firmware modified FTA DVB-S

    As for format, the cards output format will depend on the card but I
    doubt any are using a non standard format. But just because the
    incoming format is MPEG2 it doesn't follow that the card will output
    MPEG2 files!

    [1] FTA = Free to Air, No Encryption

    [2] other than the ITV HD service, whilst the programme stream is not
    encrypted, it uses a mask to hide from *some* DVB-S receivers - IIRC
    the mask redirects the receiver to the correct programme stream).

    [3] and, IIRC, has been since before BSkyB
    Jerry, Mar 21, 2009
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  3. MikeRead

    Rob Guest

    Assuming you use a card like the Hauppauge WinTV Nova-HD-S2 (but,
    preferably with 3rd party software, such as AltDVB(free) or DVBviewer),
    the answer is yes. Your video editor will need to support MPEG-2 files.
    Cut-only editing is probably all you need.
    As others have noted, 'freesat' is simply the EPG and any DVB-S card
    will receive the full range of British FTA channels available on 28E. The
    HD-S2 card I mentioned will also allow you to receive FTA foreign channels
    which use the new DVB-S2 standard, too.
    See the tools and guides sections at videohelp.com for more info.
    Rob, Mar 23, 2009
  4. MikeRead

    MikeRead Guest

    Thanks for everybody's contribution. I have checked out the Hauppauge WinTV
    Nova-HD-S2 card and see that it specifies a CPU of 3.2ghz P4. My CPU is a
    2.8ghz Intel Dual processor, if the WINT TV software is single threaded
    then I assume that my CPU will not be fast enough. I believe the card
    supports DVB S. Does the sat dish fixed on a given satellite provide a
    spectrum of TV channels some of which are DVB-S and some DVB-S2 and so it is
    the channel which is tuned into that determines the encoding and thereby the
    CPU decoding power required.


    MikeRead, Mar 26, 2009
  5. MikeRead

    Jerry Guest

    A dish pointing towards (say) Eurobird 1 & Astra 2A-2B-2D at 28.2°E
    [1] will receive all that is on that beam, the limiting factors are
    a). what the LNB [2] can pick up and b). what the 'digibox' can
    decode/decrypt. If you want to receive DVB-S2 programme streams you
    will need a LNB that is capable of receiving S2 streams, it will also
    receive S1 streams, you should not need two LNB's although you might
    need a duel (even quad) LNB if you are either using a twin tuner -
    like Sky + etc - digiboxes/cards or have a multi-receiver set up.

    [1] in fact it will probably pick up other beams from geo-stationary
    positions other than 28.2°E although reception will be far from optimal.

    [2] the LNB is the part of the complete dish assembly that is mounted
    on the arm out in front of the actual 'dish'.
    Jerry, Mar 27, 2009
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