Editing help with Ulead Media Pro 7 wanted please

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Brian, May 13, 2004.

  1. Brian

    Brian Guest

    I like to select parts of a video clip and add them to the time line
    one at a time.
    I load the video clip into the source window.
    I then find a part of the video that I want and mart the in and out
    locations F3, F4. I need press F11 and get a choice of adding the
    selected video to V1, Va or Vb (on the time line)
    My problem is that the video is not being added to the end of the last
    video that I added to the time line. The program says I don't have
    enough room and I'm forced to save the selected video on to the Vb
    track on the time line, then I have to move the video bit from Vb
    track to the end of the video on Va track on the time line.

    Is there any option or method in Media Studio Pro that will
    automatically add each video on the end of the previous video?

    Regards Brian
    Brian, May 13, 2004
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  2. Brian

    funprice Guest

    What does the manual say?
    funprice, May 13, 2004
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  3. Brian

    Lazarus Guest

    use the "next edit point" button........this will move the position line to
    the end of the previous laid down clip and when you add your new clip it
    will go at the end of the previous clip

    the 2 buttons are to the right of the "insert vid clip" button
    Lazarus, May 13, 2004
  4. Brian

    Brian Guest

    The manual tells me to press the F11 function key, but that does not
    stop the message coming up telling me that there is no room for my
    selected video clip.
    If you know of something I've missed in the manual then can you tell
    me what page it is on please.

    Regards Brian
    Brian, May 14, 2004
  5. Brian

    Brian Guest

    That's great. Thanks Lazarus for the helpful info.

    Regards Brian
    Brian, May 14, 2004
  6. Brian

    funprice Guest

    Was it in the manual?

    funprice, May 14, 2004
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