Editing Question - screen angle???

Discussion in 'Digital Point & Shoot Camera' started by Melba's Jammin', Sep 23, 2007.

  1. I have a feeling this is not the best place to ask, but I don't know
    where is ‹ and I hope I can ask the question in a way which makes sense
    to you:
    When I view a pic on my screen (typically in Macintosh's iPhoto or in
    its Preview app), it will look different (the lightness/darkness,
    brightness) depending on the angle at which I tilt my laptop screen.

    Assume that I view the pics at the angle at which my screen is
    usually/normally tilted for my use ‹ a little more than 90°. If I
    adjust the picture to look good to me at that angle, it is going to look
    different (generally lighter, overexposed) if the screen is tilted
    forward to 90°.

    What's the most "real" for printing purposes?

    If the picture is printed based on the tilted adjustment, it's going to
    look overexposed, I'm thinking, but viewing them on screen is what I
    mostly do.

    Tell me you think you understand what the heck I'm asking.

    Thanking you for your patience -- and a pointer to a more appropriate
    group if one is warranted.
    Melba's Jammin', Sep 23, 2007
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  2. Melba's Jammin'

    Paul Heslop Guest

    I think the best way round this is to print out a pic and then stand
    it next to the scree, tilting the screen til you find the best match.
    Obviously this could be painful in use but you may also be able to
    adjust the colours etc on your screen so that they match the printout
    in your best position, which is probably the best move as then each
    printout should then match what you see on screen.
    Paul Heslop, Sep 23, 2007
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  3. I feel that looking at the screen at a 90 degree angle would be best.

    You should also check the contrast and color setting of your laptop to make
    sure that the settings are correct. That could have a big impact on how the
    photo looks on the screen. I don't know how to do that that on a Mac. Note:
    I am not talk about any high end color management products here. The idea is
    just to get your settings close.

    Good luck.

    William Hathaway via PhotoKB.com, Sep 24, 2007
  4. Melba's Jammin'

    Chuck Guest

    This is a typical problem with laptop LCD screens. The whys are beyond the
    topic. Basically, the center of the screen should be at eye level if the
    laptop is positioned on a desk or tabletop. Nect the four corners of the LCD
    screen should be approximately equidistant from your eyes/nose, and the
    plane of the LCD screen should be 90 deg from a line drawn from the center
    of the screen to your eyes/nose.

    I adjust the printer to produce a desired result from "standard reference"
    pictures obtained from the internet.
    Then, if needed, adjust the display to show a believable representation. Pay
    attention to the grey scale that is part of some of the reference pictures.
    http://www.inkjetart.com/custom/ is one of many possible sources for a
    reference picture.
    Chuck, Oct 18, 2007
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