Enlarger question: Durst Laborator 54

Discussion in 'Darkroom Developing and Printing' started by Magdalena W., Feb 10, 2004.

  1. Magdalena W.

    Magdalena W. Guest


    does anyone here have experience with this device? I've found one, offered
    for a reasonable price, but have not heard of it. It is a combination of
    enlarger/ repro camera.
    I'd greatly appreciate any info or opinions.

    Magdalena W., Feb 10, 2004
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  2. This counts for most of the Durst Enlargers, one of the first was the
    Laborator, therefor the laber "Universal Camera"
    I have one. Though it is supposed to work as an autofocus enlarger
    (with the 150mm lens only) this is not a downside. You just lift a
    lever and it works as a conventional enlarger. Very sturdy, mine was
    in alignment from the beginning (found it in a corner of a scientific
    lab) and is still after moving three times to a different lab. Shares
    condensers and negative-holder and some more with more recent
    Laborator 1000. Coldlight-source Taucoli hard to find for a reasonable
    price. No diffusion-head available, color with the antique Agfa-head
    (using the condensors, semi collimated) only, so forget about color.

    Check if it is complete. For 35mm you will need the recessed lensboard
    Latub, and condensors 90+130 for 6x6 a Seriopla (less recessed) and
    condensors 130+160 for 6x9 the usual Lapla will suffice, forgot abouit
    what condensors you will need but can look it up (its printed on the
    enlarger base).

    It is good enlarger if you do not mind working with a
    condenser-lighting. You will at some time as everyone tells you how
    much better diffuse lighting makes your prints. Give them a smile.

    How much is "reasonable"?

    best wishes

    Stefan Kahlert, Feb 13, 2004
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  3. Magdalena W.

    Magdalena W. Guest

    Uzytkownik "Stefan Kahlert" <> napisal w wiadomosci

    Thank you for the information!
    It was complete, with a coldlight source. In a pretty good condition.
    I got outbid, but the final price was around 170 Euros.

    Thanks for the answer,

    best regards
    Magdalena W., Feb 15, 2004
  4. I also had an eye on this one. I thought about keeping the Taucoli and
    selling the rest but never got a definite answer if the tube was in
    working condition. Therefore, I had to assume it wasn't. The rest of
    the setup was for 4x5" only (no additonal condensors nor lensboards).
    I think the price was good for a 4x5-enlarger, very good it the
    taucoli works, way to much if you intend to use it for 35mm or medium
    format as you need to find lenstubes and condensors first. The latter
    are hard to find. This enlarger will produce severe falloff if you try
    to use eg. a 75mm lens (covers 6x6) with a condensor set for a 150mm
    lens (covers 4x5). Been there done that. Using the bigger condensors
    assuming they will cover the smaller format regardless ot the lens in
    use will work with diffuse lighting but not with a condenser-head.


    Stefan Kahlert, Feb 16, 2004
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