Entering the Analog & Digital capture Quandry (yes,roll eyes again...)

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by jazscat, Sep 17, 2006.

  1. jazscat

    jazscat Guest

    8 years ago, I bought a computer with ideas of video creation as a
    secondary possibility...

    I have just bought a new one; read groups, supplier and internet guides
    for weeks, and think I'm gonna move now... and this is the best forum
    I have read, to seek input from.... many, MANY knowledgable people.

    I am a musician with intentions of making creative 3-30 min
    videos(50-80% usage); archival of VHS/S-VHS tape(20-30% usage); ripping
    DVD for snippet incorporation(20-30% usage). Foremost source will be
    analog S-VHS/VHS tape, and D*TV; then DVD... and I wish to capture WMV,
    AVI, MOV, streaming vid, flash & macromedia if poss, and every possible
    other source; live DV is of little need now. Output will mostly be to

    Computer Equipment: Dell XPS 400: Intel Pent D 830 3.0 ghz dual core/2
    gig 533Mhz mem/250 GB EIDE SATA II HD/256MB GeForce 7300LE/SB Live X-Fi
    Xtreme Music DD5.1/16x DVD +/-RW dbl layer/MCE 2005 OS... I will
    likely add a X-FI I/O Drive b-o box; 2nd HD if advised...

    Peripheral A-V Equipment (30' from PC): Yamaha RX-V2090 w/DDP1/JVC
    HR-S9800 S-VHS/Pioneer CLD-79 Laserdisk/D* TV DVR-R10/Tascam MkIII
    Cassette/RCA 27" CRT... and other audio equipment. Will be adding HDTV
    D*TV, DV cam, HD DVD, and 60" Sony SXRD display w/i 12-18 mos.

    Initially, I need effortless, consistant, rock-solid conversion to HQ
    AVI-DV; and feel that the editing software that sounds most
    capable/feature-laden/expandable with a tolerable learning
    curve(U-Lead, Sony Vegas Video) would likely be best matched with
    something like:
    ADVC 55?
    ADVC 110?
    ADVC 300?
    DATAVISION 200? Please advise pros/cons and compatibility of any/all
    hardware and editing software... or alternatives. Does the ACEDVio card
    offer speed or quality benefits? Is the 300 overkill, given my S-VHS
    W/TBC & D*TV source quality?

    Do both these NLE editors include Real-Time capture or editing? I am
    unsure if i need this, how it works, and am vague what element could
    include it(NLE software? hardware capture?).

    I am also unsure about needs to have audio inputs on the conversion
    device, and I DO want 5.1 both from D*TV, as well as DVD and other
    sources. Will the S-B card integrate both digital SP/DIF & analog audio
    formats effortlessly and reliably to the video? Is an SP/DIF input
    desirable on a capture device, in addition to analog audio (as offered
    with Avid Liquid capture & others)?

    If I could also get conversion to MPEG in the capture device, some of
    the transfer of analog for direct archival would be simplified, though
    that is secondary if unable to be achieved.

    Macrovision/SCSS defeat would be highly desirable.

    Lastly, I will consider addition hardware in the future for tv tuners &
    HDTV capture/editing, but don't want to sacrifice current quality needs
    for all-in-one future desires. Hardware/Software that precludes these
    additions would be questionable.

    I realize this is long, but value tremendously all input on the
    considerations I have elaborated, and am willing to spend $ for
    capabilities and quality, together. I wish to present the factors to
    elicit informed advise... THANK YOU ALL.
    jazscat, Sep 17, 2006
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  2. jazscat

    jerry Guest

    Both software programs are good.

    I use Ulead MediaStudio Pro and I've written a lot of tutorials for
    this new version as well as older versions on my Web site here:


    I've also posted a screen shot of the new version 8 interface:


    The Vegas software was purchased by SONY from a Wisconsin company
    called Sonic Foundry.

    Some people prefer Vegas because it evolved from a multi-track audio
    mixing software program.

    But I feel Ulead has some advantages when it comes to visual effects
    and DVD authoring.

    Either package will work for you, however.

    Jerry Jones
    jerry, Sep 18, 2006
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  3. jazscat

    jazscat Guest


    Glad to hear you prefer my 1st preference, too. I intend to do more
    Ulead forum surveying, as well as investigate your website, and may
    freetrial it soon too. I'm starting to think that it likely has no prob
    with 5.1 DD sound integration/editing, either...?
    But what do you capture capture on? Card? External firewire device? Any
    feedback of ppl w/ one of the devices I listed with Ulead? If something
    were to work more ideally with Ulead, I would have to give serious
    consideration to it.....

    Thanks for the suggestions-
    jazscat, Sep 19, 2006
  4. jazscat

    jazscat Guest


    I just read a great elaboration of real-time editing features &
    benefits.... suddenly Matrox and Canopus hardware-accelerated editing
    systems are looking damn interesting.
    jazscat, Sep 19, 2006
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