EOS 10D: inside reflection problem

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Rari, Nov 16, 2003.

  1. Rari

    Rari Guest

    Just as a follow up and (maybe) warning.

    As some of you might remember, I had (still have) a problem with a
    white arc appearing on all of my shots taken from a nice sunday in
    September onwards.
    photos at http://www.cvele.org/~rari/eos10problem/

    Tha camera has gone for repair on Septemebr 27th with US warranty here
    in Germany (Geissler in Reutlingen-Gönningen). Since then, the only
    thing I have heard was theh a supplier couldm't deliver a spare part
    and I shall be patient. I phoned them up (October 13th) and they
    confirmed to me that
    a) the US warranty is accepted and
    b) the light problem was fixed.

    A few weeks passed by and I got back on the phone (October 30th) and
    spoke to the boss himself. He then said, that he is NOT accepting the
    US warranty and that he has sent the camera together with the lenses
    (EF USM 28-105/F3.5-4.5 II, EF-L USM 100-400/F4.5-5.6 IS) to Canon
    Germany to deal with the focus issue mentioned in this group before.
    I took photographs of rulers and decided they shall have a look into
    it. Obviously there a problem, so they have sent it to HQ-Germany.

    However, I haven't heard from anyone since. On the 30th
    Geissler-Services also promised to forward a quote for repair/
    adjustment he should have received (so he said on the phone) by
    Canon-Germany. Nothing I received so far.

    Has anyone in Germany had similar experiences with Canon-Germany or
    even with Geissler-Services in Reutlingen. It's now 7 weeks, I am
    without my 10D. I wrote a letter to Geissler-Services this week
    asking to keep me informed. Now I am wainting for a relpy.

    Sorry, that it is so much to read, but I had to get it off my chest,
    hope your repair centres in your aereas are more helpful/

    bye Ralph.
    Rari, Nov 16, 2003
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  2. Canon's website specifically states that SLR bodies purchased in the US
    carry a worldwide warranty. This is the first question on the Canon SLR
    FAQ at http://www.usa.canon.com/html/support/slrfaq.html.

    So, I would refuse to accept any charge for service on your 10D - the
    company themselves have published information that the warranty is valid
    If I were you, I would write a letter of complaint and send it to Canon
    Germany direct, and also to Geissler. There really is no excuse for
    keeping your camera for 7 weeks, apparently lying to you about the
    warranty status, and having provided you with no information. You might
    also consider sending your experiences in to a local German photo
    magazine. Adverse publicity often makes these companies operate much


    Mike Brodbelt, Nov 17, 2003
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  3. Rari

    Rari Guest

    Hi Mike,
    I have confronted Geissler with the statement when I dropped off the
    camera in Septemebr. He wanted to check it and the result was (in a
    first instance), that it is accepted. I am very curious, what
    Canon-Germany says to all this. I will post them the letter of
    complaint (the same one I sent to Geissler) too. I keep you posted.

    Rari, Nov 18, 2003
  4. Rari

    Rari Guest

    The nightmare continuous...
    I phoned Geissler and Canon Germany today. Here a summary:

    Geissler: apperently they have sent out a quote yesterday, which they
    received from Canon-Germany (well, there was nothing in my postbox
    today). They told me on the phone, the repair will cost me EUR1,056.-
    Alll the electronics needs replacing, the CMOS-CCD sensor is faulty.

    Canon-DE: the quote was sent to Geissler 21st Oct. 2003. Sorry they
    can not tell me more, since I am not a customer, Geissler is. I
    wonder what happened?

    The warrany issue is still not sorted, even Canon-DE is reclining. I
    confronted them with the statement on the Canon-US web site,
    http://www.usa.canon.com/html/support/slrfaq.html, they (Canon-DE)
    will look into it.

    Anyone listens from Canon US? Please reply.

    They have my camera plus 2 lenses for 8 weeks now!

    a very unhappy Canon user, Rari.
    Rari, Nov 21, 2003
  5. Rari

    Rari Guest

    I got a reply from Canon-Germany. They will look into it (again).
    Here a quote I received.

    "Zu den Garantiebestimmungen möchten wir sagen, dass sich die Angaben
    auf der amerikanischen Internetseite auf analoge EOS-Kameras beziehen.
    Davon sind jedoch alle digitalen EOS-Kameras ausgenommen."

    [translation] "Refering to the warranty, we would like to say, that
    the statement made on the US web site ONLY refers to analogue EOS
    cameras. All digital EOS cameras are excluded from this statement."

    Rari, Nov 30, 2003
  6. Rari

    Rari Guest

    Hi there,
    after only 112 days, the issue is solved. The camera was returned to
    me yesterday and semms to be in perfect working order. The white arc
    is gone and the lenses focus pecisely. The firmware was also updated
    to 2.0.0.

    Canon Germany has NOT accepted my US warrany card but have done the
    rapair as a curtesy act - for me it was free of charge.

    At the end - thanx Canon Germany. -Ralph.
    Rari, Jan 18, 2004
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