Epson 4000 or 7600?

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by nobody, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. nobody

    nobody Guest

    I did a little research, and saw a few samples, and rightly or wrongly came
    to the conclusion that if I want a photo quality large format printer, ***
    for me *** the choice is still Epson, despite its "drink problem" :)!.
    Now, Bill (can you hear me?) if you were to start again, would you buy a
    4000 or a 7600?
    nobody, Apr 5, 2005
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  2. nobody

    nobody Guest

    Thank you Bill, this is most helpful. I went to one big printer company,
    who sells large format printers, and had a canon 6200, HP130n3, and Epson
    7600 for demonstration and sale. Their "experts" did not say one single
    word on the issues you mention below. But they seemed very prejudiced
    against Epson, and denigrated the machine as much as they could, in favour
    of the Canon 6200 and HP130nr (but I think that they were HP agents). The
    demonstration was inconclusive: the gentlemen did not have enough time for
    me to test all my image files (about 3 or 4) and the printers were not
    properly profiled, the wrong paper had been used, the HP seemed to have one
    nozzle blocked, etc. Still, from these imperfect tests, I got the
    impression that from an image quality point of view, the Epson was still
    ahead of the other two, although the Canon was phenomenally fast, and HP had
    very good features, like easily replaceable heads, or self-profiling. But
    this is not really what is all about, to me photo image quality is what
    counts. Another company did better. The girl I talked to over the
    telephone said that 95 per cent of the photographers who buy large format
    printers from them, still purchase Epsons, despite their slowness and "drink
    problem" :). At the moment I am using a Canon i9950, which is, of course,
    an A3+ printer. The quality is fantastic, but it is a dye printer, and, what
    I would regard as a minus, no matter how much I profile the paper (with a
    Gretag Macbeth eye one), it still does better only with original Canon
    papers. I hope that the Epson is less "fussy" and would allow me to use
    other papers than their own, without loss of quality. Thanks again.
    nobody, Apr 5, 2005
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  3. nobody

    andrew29 Guest
    provides instructions about how to "change from matte black to photo
    black without wasting money and ink". Also, Lyson black is now
    available for the 7600 -- it's a single black for both matt and glossy

    andrew29, Apr 5, 2005
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