epson 4990 for mf and 35mm?

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Ed Margiewicz, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. Hello,
    Anyone have any experience scanning mf and 35mm color transperencies with
    epson's 4990. I bought one to scan my 4x5's ( could'nt afford the drum
    scanners or creo models....maybe in the next life) but wonder if a dedicated
    film scanner is best for 35mm and 6x6. Any info or opinions are greatly
    appreciated as I'm new to the digital world.
    Ed Margiewicz, Mar 14, 2006
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  2. Ed Margiewicz

    rafe b Guest

    Get yourself a used Nikon LS-8000 for about $1k
    or a new Nikon LS-9000 for about $1800. There's
    no comparison. Yes, I have both. Scan snippets
    from both are here:

    rafe b
    rafe b, Mar 14, 2006
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  3. Ed Margiewicz

    rafe b Guest

    I'll buy that. The 4990 is probably good
    for about 2000 dpi, and on 35mm, that's
    just enough for a decent 8x10" print.

    My very first filmscanner, back in 1998,
    was rated at 1950 dpi.

    rafe b
    rafe b, Mar 14, 2006
  4. How big a print can one reasonably expect to get with a nikon 9000ED scanner
    from 35mm and 6x6? I'm making the transition from ilfochrome from which I
    frequently made 30x40 prints (from 4x5).
    Ed M
    Ed Margiewicz, Mar 14, 2006
  5. Ed Margiewicz

    rafe b Guest

    "How big a print" is entirely subjective.
    Nobody can answer that except you.

    The best answer I can give is: how big
    a print would you expect from a good old-
    fashioned optical enlargement?

    Let that be your guide.

    rafe b
    rafe b, Mar 14, 2006
  6. Ed Margiewicz

    rafe b Guest

    FWIW, as my big printer at home is an Epson 7000,
    I'm limited to prints 24" wide.

    I've made a number of 24x30" prints from scans of
    LF (4x5) made on my Epson 4990 and they are
    tack-sharp. My LF scans are done at 2400 spi.

    I've also made prints of about that same size from
    Nikon-scanned 6x7 cm MF film. I get the same
    number of pixels, oddly: MF 6x6 @ 4000 spi
    vs. LF 4x5 @ 2400 spi. Guess which prints
    look better?

    "Maximum enlargement" is quite subjective.
    There are some folks here who don't believe film
    should ever be enlarged beyond 4x or 6x.

    rafe b
    rafe b, Mar 14, 2006
  7. Ed Margiewicz

    Peter Chant Guest

    That leave me with a quandry. Now I have a 4990 do I ditch my elderly ACER
    Scanwitt? The jury is still out on what is sharpest, probaly the Scanwitt,
    but things have moved on and the DMAX of the Scanwitt is poor compared to
    the 4990 and this clearly shows up on the trickier transparencies. I'll
    have to make my mind up!
    Peter Chant, Mar 15, 2006
  8. I appreciate your continued patience with my questions....I have a huge
    learning curve ahead. I pretty much decided to get a dedicated film scanner
    so I called Calumet and one of their sales people suggested I buy the
    Microtek artixscan 120tf. Its cheaper~$1300 vs $1800 for the Nikon 9000 and
    he felt it did a better job. Since it had a $200 rebate perhaps he was just
    trying to clear them out...I don't know. So here I am again trying to ask
    more hyppothetical questions to you guys that know a whole heck of alot more
    than me. I am not afraid to pay more for the the Nikon 9000ed but would
    like to know what you think about the microtec artixscan120tf vs the nikon
    9000. My goal is to print up to 16x20 from 35mm (which I have done with
    some good slides with masking on Ilfochrome ) and 20x24 or 20x20 from 6x6
    (again done easily with masking on ilfochrome). So is the microtek worth it
    or is it better to spend a little more for the Nikon? Thank you again.
    Ed M
    Ed Margiewicz, Mar 15, 2006
  9. Ed Margiewicz

    rafe b Guest

    Hopefully a real LS-120 owner will offer an

    Sharpness-wise, the Microtek 120 is a bit behind
    the Nikon LS-8000. There are objective results
    (measured in MTF-50) here for a few samples of each:


    The LS-120 does not have digital ICE, and in
    my mind that's a big problem. Suffice to say:
    there's essentially no penalty for using it,
    all the time, and it's a *tremendous* time saver.

    Plus, I've had overall less than wonderful experiences
    with two Microtek film scanners with regard to banding --
    and that problem is totally absent on the Nikon.

    Count me as an unabashed Nikon partisan, though.

    I paid nearly $3K for mine about five years ago,
    and never once regretted it. You'll be getting
    an even better machine, at 2/3 the price.

    rafe b
    rafe b, Mar 15, 2006
  10. Ed Margiewicz

    rafe b Guest


    Occasionally it happens, Neil, that I have no
    need to argue with your post(s). This was one
    such. Imagine that <grin>.

    In fact, I'd like to ask a favor -- ie., if you'd
    be so kind as to submit a standard "snippet" or two
    from your LS-120, for inclusion on my scan samples site.

    I have a couple already from Karl Winkler, but I can
    always use more -- especially, competent scans of
    sharp images.

    rafe b
    scan snippets
    rafe b, Mar 15, 2006
  11. Thanks all for your help(Rafe, Scott, Mike, Neil, Noons, Peter, and Roger)!
    I really appreciate all the valuble information you shared. I did it. I
    bought the Nikon 9000 from KEH and hope to get it by this weekend. I also
    bought "Mastering Digital Printing" by Harald Johnson.
    I hope you guys won't mind if I post a few more questions in the near future
    about scanning file size, down sizing, scanning in 16bit but printing in 8
    bit, etc. These are things I heard of but don't understand yet, but will try
    to research.
    Ed M
    Ed Margiewicz, Mar 15, 2006
  12. Ed Margiewicz

    rafe b Guest

    When you get your scanner and start needing
    questions answered, join the yahoo coolscan


    There are a lot of knowledgeable and helpful
    folks there.

    rafe b
    rafe b, Mar 16, 2006
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