Epson P-2000/P-5000 head-to-head test results:

Discussion in 'Digital SLR' started by Mark², Oct 30, 2006.

  1. Mark²

    Mark² Guest

    At the request of Roger Clark, I just did some time tests comparing the new
    P-5000 unit and my P-2000 unit.
    The results are impressive:

    2GB SanDisk Extreme III CF (completely filled with RAW+Large JPEGs from
    Canon 5D)
    -Full copy to each device:

    P-2000 time: 12:49
    P-5000 time: 4:35 (!!) -A second copy test rendered the EXACT same time

    4GB SanDisk Extreme III CF (completely filled with RAW+Large JPEGs from
    Canon 5D)
    -Full copy to each device:

    P-2000 time: 26:34
    P-5000 time: 9:27

    *These numbers actually EXCEED the claims by Epson (of 250% copy-speed
    This speed means not only less time, but also more battery life.

    Now view image viewing times:
    Scrolling and view times are even more impressive:

    Rendering the standard screen of 12 thumbnails:

    P-2000: 10.5 seconds
    P-5000: 1.2 seconds (approximate)

    Rendering 64 small thumbnails:

    P-2000: N/A
    P-2000: 3.2 seconds (and you do NOT have to wait for the screen to can keep scrolling quickly to subsequent pages.

    *Note: The 64-Thumbnail view is surisingly useful due the amazing
    high-definition 4" screen running a full 24bit color scheme.

    Rendering full-screen individual images:

    RAW files (Canon 5D, 12.8MP files):

    P-2000: 8 seconds (painful)
    P-5000: 1.2 seconds (!!)

    Rendering full-screen JPEG images were the same as above.

    *Epson claimed a 500% improvement in rendering speed, but again...they've
    EXCEEDED their promise in my tests.

    The bottom line:
    After viewing with the new model, you'll be at pains to ever want to browse
    with the old one.
    It's simply a TOTALLY different experience.

    That alone may be reason enough for many to upgrade, but the looong list of
    other improvements are extremely significant as well. The timing figures
    speak for themselves. No ocmparison. Battery issues...customization...and
    on and on.

    If anyone was on the fence, take my word for it: You won't be disappointed.

    Mark², Oct 30, 2006
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