Everything you wanted to know about the 20D

Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by Ryadia, Sep 18, 2004.

  1. Ryadia

    Ryadia Guest

    I don't know how many have been sold up to yesterday but there's about
    100 posts on them randomly locking up. This is shaping up to look like a
    Microsoft style product release. Let the customers find the bugs and
    release a fix later.

    As long as I can remember from the T90 on, Canon have had a habit of
    releasing products early, just to get the jump on their rivals. This
    time it could well have backfired.

    The part I find so disturbing is the number of people who shelled out
    cash for these cameras, report the lockup bug and almost casually write
    that they hope Canon will fix the problem before too long! Hell, I'd be
    hopping mad if I paid $3k for a camera and it kept shutting down. I
    guess they must be a different breed on the other side of the world.

    Ryadia, Sep 18, 2004
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  2. Ryadia

    BD Guest

    What camera to you have?

    I have a 10D that has an intermittent problem with the 70-200IS L. Every
    now and then (say 1 in 200 pic) I get an Err001 or another number (maybe
    Err004). Need to switch off camera and reattach lens and no probs, but lost
    the shot.

    Have heard many similar stories wth the Nikon D100.
    Always justifies the extra $$$ to step into the professional league.

    anyhow - lets hope that the 20D problem is not major, and an immediate
    firmware patch is available.
    BD, Sep 19, 2004
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  3. Ryadia

    Adam F Guest

    Perhaps it's more rich geeks/early adopter types who are buying them than
    pro photogs, ppl who have exp & therefore patience with such glitches.

    //adam f
    Adam F, Sep 19, 2004
  4. Ryadia

    shel Guest

    How similar specifically?

    shel, Sep 19, 2004
  5. Ryadia

    Russ Guest

    Wait, I don't get it - you have a 10D and an L series lens, which both are
    "pro" gear as I understand, yet you experience, random, intermittent
    lockups. In what respect does this justify your "extra $$$"? Is reliability
    not an issue?
    Russ, Sep 19, 2004
  6. Ryadia

    k Guest

    "Perhaps it's more rich geeks/early adopter types who are buying them than
    pro photogs, ppl who have exp & therefore patience with such glitches.


    my F1N's have never so much as uttered a hiccup in the heaviest deluges, the
    mistiest foggiest days, the drops into creeks, the falls off cliffs, the
    snapped films, the kicks from alpacas. The A1's, AE1's all got ditched and
    FTb's and F1N's remain..

    I know farmers who shoot their favourite dogs as soon as they start getting
    a little unreliable "they're here to work" is the justification, said
    holding back tears.

    Any camera which is unreliable or doesn't do what it's claimed it should
    hardly qualifies as a well constructed pro camera. no one should have to
    put up with a 'bug' or 'glitch'

    can't really imagine saying to the customer, 'sorry about the fact that I
    couldn't shoot the rest of the regatta, my camera had a glitch, but it's a
    REALLY good camera though, look at the reciept and here, feel the weight of
    this baby'


    k, Sep 19, 2004
  7. Ryadia

    Wolf359 Guest

  8. Ryadia

    s Guest

    Where are the posts ?
    s, Sep 19, 2004
  9. Ryadia

    Ryadia Guest

    One thing I have discovered about this group.
    It's a Canon 10D group about to be renamed 20D and don't you dare say
    anything bad about the God dambdest best camera in the world... Even if
    it does lock up and take fuzzy pictures... Go Canon, Yeah!
    Ryadia, Sep 19, 2004
  10. Ryadia

    Mike Darling Guest

    Mike Darling, Sep 19, 2004
  11. Ryadia

    BD Guest

    I would classify the 10D as pro-sumer.
    The Err01 seems to be a problem with the lens contacts in the body, and is a
    common error with the 10D when combined with various L series lenses.
    However if reliability of lens body combo, say for sport/press would
    consider an upgrade to D1MkII. (plus many other reasons for that not just
    this issue)

    Some intenet searching on th error revealed that some users appear to have
    had Canon fix the IS on the lens, whereas other still indicate problem is
    body related.
    Has anybody in Australia experienced this issue, and what did they do to
    rectify. What did Canon Aus recommend.

    As for Shel and Ryadia, who seemed to be a little defensive on Nikon or
    D100, it was more a general (probably useless) statement that 10D and D100
    are both in the pro-sumer range, and if making a serious quid, may need step
    up to a D1MkII or D1s or for the nikon D2H and now D2X.

    Russ, reliability is an issue, but in many of my situations, I have reseated
    the lens and retaken the shot. If continues this way - will be major issue.

    BD, Sep 19, 2004
  12. Ryadia

    BD Guest

    Professional league did not mean Canon over Nikon.... get over it.

    I used to be a Nikon owner, when all gear was stolen (not much then) I
    converted to Canon as was best value for me at the time.
    As for issues, I will ask again what were the issues. I was told last
    november when getting references to buy either a 10D or D100.
    BD, Sep 19, 2004
  13. Ryadia

    Ryadia Guest

    Ryadia, Sep 20, 2004
  14. Ryadia

    shel Guest

    Get over what?

    You mention issues, vaguely. I ask for specifics . . . like, you know,
    more information. Like, you know, out of interest.

    I was told this group has some precious souls . . .

    shel, Sep 20, 2004
  15. Ryadia

    Miro Guest

    If you know so much about this group then why comment on it.
    Miro, Sep 20, 2004
  16. Ryadia

    BD Guest

    Apologies if unwarranted angst was targeted your way - however your selected
    snipping to collect my grossly vague comment about a nikon followed by the
    insinuation of stepping up to professional league is easily disguised.

    and yes, there are certainly some precious souls, that get a little up tight
    in the Canon / Nikon debate.

    Cannot recall the D100 issues, but was related to lens lockup and bad
    exposure readings that give a nearly pitch black image. Will have to ask
    some old colleagues - or satisfy yourself and do a web search, problems are
    rarely isolated to one occurance. Would not be many people trying to achieve
    six sigma quality manufacturing if that was the case.
    BD, Sep 20, 2004
  17. Ryadia

    BD Guest

    and you must have been warned about Miro

    BD, Sep 20, 2004
  18. Ryadia

    Miro Guest

    At least I hold an opinion that isnt bounded by insular introspection..
    Miro, Sep 20, 2004
  19. Ryadia

    shel Guest

    Nope, just snipped. No pasting. That's just how the comments were
    presented, I simply didn't snip to the extent of totally isolating the
    "issues" sentence.

    I was interested purely in the specific issues with the D100, and my
    comments were thus aimed . . . . exclusively.
    I think such is rather amusing. In my experience, great images mostly
    carry the photographer's name with them . . . sometimes the location
    or event . . . but rarely, rarely, rarely the particular brand of
    Have found some (exposure inaccuracy mainly), since seeing your
    reference to their existence. Thanks for the nudge to look.

    shel, Sep 20, 2004
  20. Ryadia

    shel Guest


    Some precious souls AND a resident intellectual. This group has

    shel, Sep 20, 2004
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