Evil vs. Bridge, the differences.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Rich Mack, Oct 6, 2013.

  1. Rich Mack

    Rich Mack

    Oct 6, 2013
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    1, I am unsure of the differences between evil & bridge cameras.
    2, I want to purchase one of the above types but am uncertain which is right for me.
    3, My preferred choice photography is low light picture taking as well as bright light therefore
    I do not like flash unless absolutely necessary ( large lens therefore..? ) daylight as well as outdoor night taking as well.
    4, 'Point & shoot' is also something I enjoy as I travel frecuently.
    5, A robust lightweight camera would be ideal...
    6, EVF is essential as I like metering, effects and avoiding the use of a screen will effectively
    save on battery consumption when I travel.
    7, The ISO should be wide enough to compensate as regards what I mentioned above...
    8, A minimum of 12 megapixels (?) in order to blow up printed material and be able to avoid
    noise in low light picture taking.
    8, I guess 500€/$£ would be a decent budget.

    (I guess you could say I have done my homework, a bit!)

    With all the above in mind, I went to two reputable local stores ( and felt their hard sell technics got me nowhere as I was not going to purchase a camera based on price and hard sell...) and was recommended the following.
    Canon g series... g12, canon rebel, g16, g1x, canon sl1 & t4i, olympus e-m1 & em5 as well as the Pen series e-pl3h. Sony alpha slt-A57.
    Nikon d5100 & nikon d500, canon rebel t4i, lumix fz200, lumix g5,6, 10, canon eos1100d

    I currently own an old canon powershot series camera which has served its purpose and now needs to be upgraded.

    Any recommendations gladly received and responded to with my opinions.
    Rich Mack, Oct 6, 2013
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