experience of returning camera to Best Buy

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Racer X, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. Racer X

    Racer X Guest

    Title: An experience of returning camera to Bestbuy
    Subtitle: In the still of the Bathroom

    1. I walk in the door, the guy puts the yellow tag on my item.

    2. I wait 5 minutes in line.

    3. I tell the customer service woman my intention to
    return the defective Canon A620 camera whose movie mode always
    records a hiss sound, unlike the A80 and A70 that I've used.

    4. We go to the 'geek squad' dork (male) who grinningly rejects
    the idea out of hand without even really trying the
    device. I explain that it is a real problem and he continues
    to stonewall. I demand to see a manager.

    5. Manager comes. He feigns an effort to hear a noise,
    but admits that the store is too noisy to hear any sound
    from the camera. He says I will have to pay a $60 restocking
    fee. I balk at that. I ask him, is there a quiet place in the store
    anywhere? He says no.

    6. He offers a bizarre scheme to help me avoid the
    restocking fee ($60) for this defective camera, involving
    buying another camera possibly on another day, but
    he would have to be around when I show up. I balk at that.

    7. He admits that the bathroom is quiet. I proceed there
    (it's empty) and record silence, plus the defective camera's hiss.
    I return to him and report my success. He listens,
    he agrees there is a defect. He offers the full refund.
    Problem solved.

    Total time to accomplish this: 20 minutes.


    $60 defended in 20 minutes. If it were income, it would
    effectively be $180 per hour, well worth the effort and
    if consumerism were a sport, I would say it was a good match
    (which I won).
    Racer X, Jan 10, 2006
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  2. Racer X

    John Emmons Guest

    Good job, you shouldn't have had to go thru that.

    Would you have actually paid a restocking fee in the end if they kept
    insisting on it?

    John E.
    John Emmons, Jan 10, 2006
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  3. Racer X

    James Guest

    The better remedy in the future is to avoid Best Buy at all costs. They are
    not consumer-friendly.

    James, Jan 10, 2006
  4. Racer X

    Scott W Guest

    Interesting but your math is just a bit off. Since you don't have to pay
    taxs on the money you
    saved the effective income would be a fair bit higher, with state and
    federal tax I would guess
    more like $250 - 275 per hour, so you did even better then the $180 number

    Scott W, Jan 10, 2006
  5. Racer X

    EF in FLA Guest

    from the camera. He says I will have to pay a $60 restocking
    Restocking fee on a defective item?? I think not!

    EF in FLA, Jan 10, 2006
  6. Racer X

    RK Guest

    Well, at least you didn't buy a brand 'new' MP3 player at Best Buy,
    only to get home and discover it filled with tunes -- and did not work.
    And, then take it back for another 'new' one that was also kaput. Third
    trip got me one that has worked for several years, but that was pretty
    much the end of Best Buy major purchases, save a Plextor dvd burner
    that is just fine. I find their prices in some cases extremely out of
    line, particularly on the add-ons that one is somewhat pressured to
    buy, such as memory cards. They do have good deals on cdr's or dvd r's
    on occasion, but I would never make a major purchase there without some
    research well in advance. Staples and even Office Max are much better
    bets because they simple don't hassle on returns.
    RK, Jan 10, 2006
  7. Racer X

    Viator Guest

    I remember once I bought a laptop computer at
    Circuit Shitty, I took it home and to my dismay
    discovered that this "new" item already had a
    user password on it that prevented me from using it.

    My vote is for mail-order companies, specifically
    those that review well on resellerratings.com,
    where many of my own reviews have been posted.
    Viator, Jan 10, 2006
  8. Right, and once he proved it they waived the fee. I don't see any problem
    with that.
    Edwin Pawlowski, Jan 10, 2006
  9. Glad the ending was a good one, but I'm curious, why did you not exchange it
    and try the new camera before leaving the store? do you thing it was a
    defective unit or all the models would have the defect.?
    Edwin Pawlowski, Jan 10, 2006
  10. Bullshit. It's 20 minutes of your time wasted arguing with assholes
    who were trying to cheat you out of your rightful refund.

    Stop trying to spin this loss to sound like a win.
    Scott en Aztlán, Jan 10, 2006
  11. Racer X

    Tony Cooper Guest

    It must depend on the individual Best Buy store. I purchased a
    computer (CPU only) that had some problems. Three days after
    purchasing it I took it back. I asked for an exchange, not a refund.

    The guy at the service desk didn't check it out, didn't ask any
    questions, and didn't delay anything at all. He just said "Go get
    another one." I did, and brought it to the desk, and the guy asked me
    if I wanted it checked out before I left the store. However, he said,
    if I had any problems later, to bring it in.

    On another occasion I purchased an external hard drive and brought it
    back for a refund the next day. I'd purchased it for my daughter (who
    lives out of town) but found she'd already purchased one in her area.
    I was given full credit and no hassle.

    I really think the way a chain store behaves has to do with the
    specific management of that store. The one in my area must have a
    manager that believes in being customer-friendly.

    Maybe it's the area. Most of the box stores in this area are pretty
    easy to deal with if you have the receipts, a legitimate reason for
    the return, and all the parts and pieces that came with the item.
    Tony Cooper, Jan 10, 2006
  12. Or doesn't have a unusually high returns rate...
    Clark W. Griswold, Jr., Jan 10, 2006
  13. Racer X

    Ray Fischer Guest

    Time wasted screwing with Best Buy: Priceless.
    Spent by you.
    Ray Fischer, Jan 10, 2006
  14. I have had three experiences with Best Buy.

    Telephone purchase- Found the advertised phone. Was asked three times
    about the extended warranty. Finally got them to stop by letting hem
    know that there offer implies the phone would only last a year. Got
    suckered into the free trial magazine sub that kept appearing on my
    credit card moth after month despite repeated cancellations.

    Answering machine- Advertised item was not on the floor. Two sales
    reps said it was not their department. Third one said he would look in
    the back. As he walked away his cell rand and he entered into a long
    conversation with someone about dinner plans. I left.

    Computer-Called them about availability. Never got a live person.
    George Grapman, Jan 10, 2006
  15. I hope I never have to return the Ipod I purchased there.
    Tush Smells Bush Kills!!!!!!!!!!!, Jan 10, 2006
  16. Racer X

    Frank ess Guest

    Two experiences with Best Buy:

    1 - Walked in to buy a computer immediately if not sooner. There was
    an offer with many-sollar rebates rendering a good price on a good
    setup. Their checkout printed necessary receipts for records and
    rebates, all I had to do was fill in my info and supply some envelopes
    and stamps. The rebates were in my accout in about five weeks. By then
    the computer was for sale at a price close to my eventual cost, but
    I'd had use of it for those weeks. It still works good, although I'm
    about to fill up the second external Firewire drive after about four

    2 - Selected a DVD player-recorder from their Web site, to pick it up
    next day. Quick and easy checkout with no pressure to upgrade or buy
    extended service plans. AND, the price they charged was 20% less than
    that on the Web. It works good, and I'm using it to "archive" some
    Frank ess, Jan 10, 2006
  17. Racer X

    Viator Guest

    I've returned items a few times specifically
    because they were customer-unfriendly. Here
    are two examples:

    1. Dell: I bought a PDA and needed tech support.
    But the Indian guy on the phone, besides not
    speaking English worth a damn, was rude also.
    So I returned the item.

    2. Circuit Shitty: I bought an item, but the
    sales jerk insisted on walking me to the door
    with the item, and then in front of customers
    made an insulting comment that suggested I was
    a thief, despite my having just paid for them item.
    I told him he was a fat pig (true) then turned around
    and returned it.
    Viator, Jan 10, 2006
  18. Racer X

    Ron Hunter Guest

    Should I assume the manager has an office other than the restroom?
    Maybe I shouldn't. Grin.
    Ron Hunter, Jan 10, 2006
  19. Racer X

    Ron Hunter Guest

    Actually, I have found them to be quite consumer-friendly. This
    probably varies greatly from store (manager) to store. My since return
    experience at the nearest Best Buy was simple (if a bit time-consuming),
    and ended with me selecting another, similar, item after the returns
    clerk admitted the cordless phone seemed 'haunted'.
    Ron Hunter, Jan 10, 2006
  20. Racer X

    Ron Hunter Guest

    Or does a sufficiently high volume of business to offset any returns.
    Getting close to a non-profit bottom line will tighten returns policies
    like a lugnut!
    Ron Hunter, Jan 10, 2006
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