experience of returning camera to Best Buy

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Racer X, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. Racer X

    Ernie Klein Guest

    Then you would be wrong. I shop at the Palo Alto Fry's (two blocks
    south of Page Mill Road) all the time.
    That's what they do now, as I said in the portion of my post that you
    snipped, but years ago they didn't identify the repackaged returns as
    returns at all -- they just put them back on the shelves.

    As far as price goes, and I don't know where you are and which Fry's you
    shop in, but if you go into the Palo Alto Fry's, you will find that
    many, not all, as I also stated in a previous post, of the repackaged
    (and labled as such) items are indeed priced lower that the new item.


    "There are only two kinds of computer users -- those who have
    suffered a catastrophic hard drive failure, and those who will."

    Have you done your backup today?
    Ernie Klein, Jan 19, 2006
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  2. Racer X

    Skip M Guest

    Fry's defines poor customer service. If it wasn't for their occasional low
    prices on things I can't get anywhere else, I'd never set foot in there.
    And my wife absolutely HATES the place, and she's hard to upset. I only
    shop there when I'm looking for what they have on ad.
    Skip M, Jan 21, 2006
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  3. Racer X

    Frank ess Guest

    Skip M wrote:
    There was a time when I made a minor side-trip to Fry's once a week,
    for their 99-cent-a-ream all-purpose printer paper. They stopped
    offering it, and I haven't been back since.
    Frank ess, Jan 21, 2006
  4. Fry's is okay for low-tech stuff, low volume components [computer] which
    cannot be harmed in ordinary handling, media and lower cost, blister-packed
    consumer items. After years of buying stuff of all sorts there, I would not
    buy expensive electronics in sealed boxes because of their sly return/resale
    practices. Never buy computer memory - they sell low qauality product with
    high failure rates and will do anything to avoid any real or implied
    warranty commitment. And, anyone shoping for price with their "rebates"
    should assume that you are never doing to receive that manufacturers or
    distributors rebate - my success rate on Fry's rebates runs about 50%.
    Randy Stewart, Jan 21, 2006
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