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Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by SLerner, Jan 16, 2004.

  1. SLerner

    SLerner Guest

    I am about to purchase a Sony DSC-F717.

    Because Sony has such a poor warranty (only 90 days labor), I am planning to
    purchase an extended warranty.

    OneCall offers extended warranties by NSI, and Computers4Sure offers
    extended warranties by Service Net.

    Has anyone here used either of these service plans? If so, what was your
    experience like? Did you have to wait long for service? Were there any
    difficulties getting them to honor it?

    Thanks for the information,

    SLerner, Jan 16, 2004
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  2. SLerner

    Mark Herring Guest

    IMHO---I would never buy an extended warranty on anything. These
    things are just insurance policies, and the insurance companies make
    money---ergo the average consumer loses.

    Mark Herring, Pasadena, Calif.
    Private e-mail: Just say no to "No".
    Mark Herring, Jan 16, 2004
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  3. SLerner

    Dan Sullivan Guest

    I used to believe the same thing.

    But when I bought my mini-van back in 1990 the salesman talked me into a
    $700 extended warranty.

    The best money I ever spent!

    The first part that needed replacement covered the $700 THEN the
    airconditioning died.

    The man in the service dept said I needed EVERYTHING replaced.

    Gonna be about $1400.

    I agreed and when I picked up the van two days later the guy's jaw dropped.

    "Why didn't you tell me this was a warranty repair when you brought it

    And I said "What difference does it make to you who pays?"

    Of course if I had told him it was under warranty they wouldn't have
    replaced EVERYTHING!!!

    My comp monitor crapped out almost two years after the warranty period

    A week later a service person from the store where I bought it called and
    said the two year extended warranty that I bought was almost up... would I
    like to get another extended warranty?

    I explained that the monitor had just died and asked what they were gonna do
    for me as it was still under the first extended warranty period.

    They said it wasn't worth repairing would I mind taking a new off-brand

    I asked what else they had and they said how 'bout a used but clean

    That was four or five years ago and I using the Trinitron right now.

    An extended warranty IS something to consider.

    Have fun, Dan Sullivan
    Dan Sullivan, Jan 16, 2004
  4. SLerner

    KenP Guest

    ....and I've lost plenty in the past couple years by NOT buying
    extended warranties (on Epson products). They would have cost me
    about $100, but I would have saved nearly $1500. Piece of mind is
    worth something, too.
    KenP, Jan 16, 2004
  5. SLerner

    Mark Herring Guest

    Good points all

    You CAN of course win the gamble in the short term. That's how Las
    Vegas attracts visitors.

    My point is that---over the long haul---the average consumer will lose
    the bet. The only way to win is be above average---or should I say
    below average. Or maybe above average, but consistently buying BELOW
    average merchandise.

    Mark Herring, Pasadena, Calif.
    Private e-mail: Just say no to "No".
    Mark Herring, Jan 16, 2004
  6. SLerner

    SLerner Guest

    You are right - /on average/.

    However, I was badly burned recently with a Sony camcorder. The main motor
    burned out four months after I bought it. While the part was covered, the
    labor, which was almost $200, wasn't, since it was past the 90 days labor

    And after having it fixed once, the same part died a second time half a year
    later. Same deal as the first time.

    So I ended up spending as much on repairs as I spent on buying the
    camcorder - all in less than a year.

    For me, buying the Sony DSC-F717 is almost in the category of a
    once-in-a-lifetime event. Normally I could never afford this much for a
    camera, but for a windfall that is allowing me to buy it.

    So I can't risk having repair costs that I can't cover. So for peace of
    mind, and the safety of not putting so much money into something and then
    risking not being able to afford to fix it if it breaks, the insurance is
    the way to go.

    My question remains though, has anyone used either of these companies? I
    have heard some horror stories of warranty companies that try to get out of
    fixing things and that are a hassle to deal with, and I have heard stories
    of companies that are a joy to work with.

    Since I have no idea which category NSI and Service Net fall into, I thought
    I'd ask you'all for your experiences.

    Thanks again,

    SLerner, Jan 16, 2004
  7. I used to say that...Then I happened to purchase a big yard vac and a
    top of the line rototiller. I said what the heck? and purchased the
    extended warranties.

    As Mark says, these companies are in business to make money, not save
    money for you, however:
    They have installed a new engine on my yard vac that cost a bit more
    than what I paid for the whole thing on sale. We're talking more than
    a 10D here.

    They have replaced the transmission and complete tiller assembly on
    the rototiller which cost as much as the rototiller did when it wasn't
    on sale. (Tiller hooked a tree root and broke, that sheared a pin in
    the transmission which chewed up the gears) They have since come back
    and replaced both the transmission (again) and the carburetor. We're
    talking a 10D and maybe a lens or two worth here.

    I got out of the airplane one night and slipped on the ice while
    holding my Nikon F3 by the strap. My arm went back swinging the
    camera by the strap like a hammer. It hit the ice and drove the
    pentaprism right down into the body. It cost me about a $150 less
    than a new camera and lens to have the camera rebuilt. The lens was
    not salvageable. Had I had the insurance I'd have had a new camera
    and lens. Instead I spent close to $400 for repair plus a new lens.
    Still, considering all the cameras and lenses I've gone through I'm
    still ahead by not purchasing the insurance although at the time it
    would have been handy.

    OTOH, those are the only things I've ever had that came out ahead.
    True, I have far more yard equipment and cameras that are not under
    warranty that would have cost a small fortune.

    In some instances my home owners insurance will cover the cameras AND
    my credit card will give me an extra year of warranty which makes a
    big difference. However there are two things I'd not put on an
    extended warranty. One is computers. If you've had it a year it's
    worth very little. If you have a digital camera will it still be
    available for replacement? My home owners policy covers replacement
    cost, but not an upgrade.

    If you purchase by credit card, check to see if your card caries an
    extended warranty. Then if it does try to find out just how they would
    pay if something needs to be fixed or replaced. Oft times that extra
    "so called" warranty isn't worth much. OTOH it's worth it's weight in
    gold if there is something wrong with the camera when you receive it,
    or have problems with the dealer.

    I know absolutely nothing about these companies.

    Roger Halstead (K8RI & ARRL life member)
    (N833R, S# CD-2 Worlds oldest Debonair)
    Roger Halstead, Jan 17, 2004
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