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Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Guest, Mar 13, 2007.

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    Guest Guest

    The cute little LCD display on the back of a digital camera is convenient,
    but it doesn't allow for careful inspection of picture quality. Are there
    any cameras with a jack for connecting a 19" computer monitor to a camera
    intended for studio use?

    Norm Strong
    Guest, Mar 13, 2007
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  2. : Most digital cameras have a video output and some even give you the
    : choice of NTSC or PAL signal format. So, although a video converter,
    : as previously mentioned, can convert a video signal to a format used
    : by a computer monitor, the simplest approach is to connect a "video"
    : monitor to the camera. I've done that myself, especially when I had
    : to position the camera in an odd location and I couldn't see its
    : built-in, non-tilting monitor on the back. Of course, neither the
    : built-in monitor nor an external one will work as a viewfinder if the
    : camera is an SLR that does not have a live preview feature.

    : BTW, many TVs (as well as a few computer monitors) have a video input
    : jack that will work, too. Also, for indoor use, even a large, heavy,
    : relatively immobile TV is easy to see at a distance. You just need a
    : long video extension cable connected to the one that came with the
    : camera. In fact, for a photo of a group of people, if the TV is
    : located behind the camera, they will often pose better because they
    : can see themselves as the camera sees them.

    I agree that when taking a group photo (like a family photo) a standard TV
    monitor to the side of the camera so the subjects can see the photo (even
    with an SLR) that you just shot. Especially when you have impatient
    children who can not be restrained from rushing to the camera to see the
    just shot photo. If they can see it without having to move from the spot
    it is easier to take several takes to choose the best (for the family
    x-mas card). :)

    BTW, there is at least one solution to the inability to use a TV monitor
    as a viewfinder for an SLR. One solution I have seen is a product that
    clips to the optical viewfinder of an SLR and provides a tilt screen and a
    live video feed from the viewfinder. I have not tried it personally, and I
    have no connection with the company, but if this is a problem you might
    see if the Zigview would help. And I have no idea if there are other
    similar devices so do a search. One reason this item has caught my eye is
    a silly idea. I've imagined using a live feed going into one of those
    video visors to allow me to have the camera in any location and using a
    remote shutter release I could shoot at will. For example put the camera
    on a 10' pole and shoot images from a second story window of a building
    that isn't there. Sure would make crowds at parades and such a non issue.


    Randy Berbaum
    Champaign, IL
    Randy Berbaum, Mar 15, 2007
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  3. Guest

    Ray Fischer Guest

    Many cameras have a video output, but the resolution is so low that
    it's really not useful for anything but entertainment.

    You want an output for a computer monitor that can display the full
    resolution of the image. Such monitors are rare and extremely
    expensive, and the eletronics to display that much information is
    expensive and sucks power. Think of a computer video card. Then you
    have to be able to shovel the data from the sensor to the display at a
    really high data rate.

    The short answer is no, there are not.
    Ray Fischer, Mar 15, 2007
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