Eyepiece glare

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Evans Winner, Jul 24, 2004.

  1. Evans Winner

    Evans Winner Guest

    Hello, I am new with photography (using an old nikon n2000) and having
    the problem that in very bright light conditions (hight altitude),
    taking shots with the aperture closed way down there is so much light
    coming to my eye from the sides of the eye-piece that I can't really
    see the light meter or even the image I am trying to get sometimes.
    Is there a standard fix for this? Hankerchief over the head? A
    rubber eyepiece attachment...? Trying to shade my eyes with a free
    hand has been a bit of a pain because then it's not free to focus,

    Thanks for any advice.

    -Evans Winner
    Evans Winner, Jul 24, 2004
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  2. Evans Winner

    photo35744 Guest

    Rubber eye cup will help.
    photo35744, Jul 24, 2004
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  3. Evans Winner

    Hunt Guest

    A rubber eye-piece does help. Next step would be to revert to the "old days,"
    and get a focusing cloth (a-la photographers of the 1890's). Some of us old
    guys still use the heck out of these on our view cameras, even though we get
    odd looks, and even odder questions, from people who happen by. Calumet Photo
    (US/Chicago Area) sells these in different sizes, weights, and even colors.
    They are usually black one side, white the other. Note: white goes on the
    outside, so as to not bake your skull. Many offer small wieghts in the
    perimeter to help in the wind. They are slow, they are bulky, they make people
    look at you funny, but they block out the light. I've used a small one, when
    trying to see (and show clients) the monitor. Another trick, if you have a
    monitor, is to get a photographer's loupe with opaque cone. Mine was about
    US$60 used, and works great to eliminate stray ambient light. Some even
    collapse so they fit into camera case. Most good photoshops have a used
    section and should have a few around. Try for a diameter near your monitor's

    Hunt, Jul 26, 2004
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