F4 vs F5

Discussion in 'Photography' started by enrico, Jun 26, 2003.

  1. enrico

    enrico Guest

    i'm looking at e-bay offers...

    is there a great difference between F4 and F5?

    i dont like program and exotic function at all... i could prefer an F3hp,
    but i do street photos with 80~200 and i use glasses so i have huge problem
    of rapid focusing... ergo may be it's time for AUTOFOCUS:(

    give me your precious opinion

    enrico, Jun 26, 2003
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  2. enrico

    John O. Guest


    There is a HUGE difference in the AF speed of the two cameras. You have to
    realize that the F4 is a relatively old camera. It came out in something
    like 1988. Also, the F5 has a much improved meter. You may also want to
    consider that an F5 is likely to have fewer hours on it than an F4, so it
    will probably last longer. Of course, this last is not a hard and fast

    I've used both. I've used all F cameras extensively. But I don't own an
    F5. And I really want one.

    John O., Jun 26, 2003
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