False grey scale image

Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by Ana Pereira, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. Ana Pereira

    Ana Pereira Guest

    Yesterday I opened a image in PS and it shows as if was in grey scale. I
    cheked every thing I could think about and could'n find what was wrong.
    I see the thumbnail whith Bridge as a colored image but as soon as it opens
    is seems as grey scale one.
    The image is refered as RGB 8 on the window bar and the filters and Adjust
    commands are all as usual for RGB images (not greyed).
    The PC is from a school, sone changed a preference or some thing else that I
    am not able to find.
    If I change the user from student to
    teacher or Administrator the same image opens as usual, in full color.
    As well Illustrator shows normal images for the User student, and monitor
    gamma is the same for it or for internet, word...
    The same image pasted into Word shows in colors.
    That's why I think it is some preference.
    What can it be?
    Ana Pereira, Oct 31, 2007
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  2. Ana Pereira

    Joel Guest

    You already answered your question.
    Just look above you already answered your own question by saying "RGB" and
    RGB stands for R=Red, G=Green, and B=Blue

    When Grey is the combination of BBB = "Black" -> "Blacker" -> "Blackest"
    Joel, Oct 31, 2007
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  3. Colour preferences, desaturate %
    Sir F. A. Rien, Oct 31, 2007
  4. Ana Pereira

    Ana Pereira Guest

    Thanks a lot!

    I've found that preference it in my home PC and looks like that it is it, if
    any one changes the value to 100% all images look like grey sacle. I will
    try in school next Friday (tomorrow is Holiday).
    Ana Pereira, Oct 31, 2007
  5. Ana Pereira

    Mike Russell Guest

    Nice call, Sir F.A.R.!
    Mike Russell, Nov 1, 2007
  6. Ana Pereira

    Brian Guest

    Hi Ana,

    if Sir F.A.R.'s suggestion does not turn out to be the issue, check if there
    is a HSL Adjustment Layer in the image set to -100 Saturation (assuming the
    image is a .PSD file).

    Best regards,
    Brian, Nov 4, 2007
  7. Ana Pereira

    Ana Pereira Guest

    You were 100% right!
    Problem solved.
    Ana Pereira, Nov 5, 2007
  8. Ana Pereira

    Ana Pereira Guest

    He was totaly rigth.
    Thank you any way.
    Ana Pereira, Nov 5, 2007
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