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Discussion in 'Digital SLR' started by Martin Francis, Nov 19, 2005.

  1. .... about the D200.

    I think that, on reflection, the 17-55mm kit will suit me for everyday
    purposes, and the 85mm f1.4 will be great if I ever have to shoot bands in
    low light or very tight headshots. Recent personal revelations about the
    manual focus ability of the D200 (digital RF spot is handy if not perfect,
    full metering is superb, and an already high magnification viewfinder can be
    supplemented by the new DK-21M magnifier) mean i'm probably going to invest
    in a few new AI/AIS Nikkors, notably the 50mm f1.2 and 24mm f2.0, as well as
    using my lovely old Tamron 90mm ADII. I think a couple of 1Gb pro CF cards
    from Lexar or Sandisk will do, as I plan acquiring a Nexto CF portable
    harddrive- fast, simple, and user-replaceable HDD. If I have any money left
    over, i'm considering a Bowens Esprit 500 Travel Pak kit too :)

    Sorry if i'm flogging a dead horse, as I know i've already discussed this
    before but I think i'm finally dead set. I have played with the D2X and love
    the interface- no slur against the 5D, I just prefer Nikon handling. This is
    important to me.

    And on a side note, i've had my first published shot up in Dazed & Confused
    magazine! I'm stoked, the magazine have said they'd like to consider me for
    more work in the future. The shot they chose was not the one I would have,
    which shows either what a terrible photo editor i'd make or that you never
    can tell...


    Martin Francis, Nov 19, 2005
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  2. Martin Francis

    nv Guest

    WDTM! :)

    Kind regards
    nv, Nov 19, 2005
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  3. Martin Francis

    DD Guest

    Congratulations, Martin! That's the magazine that Rankin started. Maybe
    soon you'll be rubbing shoulders with the rich and infamous.

    I think you will be very happy with the D200. I would have an order in
    already but it's just come at the wrong time of the year for me. We have
    an annual builders shut down for three weeks, plus there is a big outlay
    for Xmas, school fees for the new year, new uniforms, etc. Never ends.

    The cool thing about the D200 is that it opens up so many opportunities
    to use the older MF Nikkor lenses. For instance, I picked up a 180mm
    f/2.8 the other day for under $100 US. The outside is pretty beat up,
    but the glass is perfect.

    Something else to consider is that you can zoom in to your picture 400%
    on the D200, therefore giving you the option of checking critical focus.
    DD, Nov 21, 2005
  4. Martin Francis

    Hussam Guest

    Sorry, I must be missing something. What is it about the D200 that
    makes you want to use older MF Nikkor lenses? Can't you also do that
    with a D50/D70?
    Hussam, Nov 21, 2005
  5. Martin Francis

    DD Guest


    Traditionally Nikon has reserved metering with the older lenses for only
    the top end pro bodies, such as the F series and D1/2 series.

    This is the first time an affordable DSLR will have that feature.
    DD, Nov 21, 2005
  6. The D50/D70/S can take AI/AIS lenses. The aperture indexing works (i.e. the
    aperture only closes down on pressing the shutter release), the DOF preview
    lever still works, and the electronic rangefinder (little green spot that
    appears when the lens is in focus) works too.

    The D200 (like the D2 series) offer the following advantages;

    - metering. There is no metering (and hence no autoexposure) with the D50,
    D70 series or D100 and manual lenses. The D200 and it's ilk can use spot,
    centreweighted and matrix.
    - autoexposure, in the form of aperture priority.
    - EXIF info. By programming in the lens info (focal length and max
    aperture), the correct settings appear in the top LCD, viewfinder and EXIF.
    This is preferable to taking the camera away from your eye to tell what
    f-stop you're on. The camera also has a memory for manual lenses, so you can
    program in all your lenses and simply select the correct data for the
    mounted lens.

    Martin Francis, Nov 21, 2005
  7. Yeah, before the shoot i'd never read Dazed (I confess, I still haven't
    beyond p.38) despite the fact that all my lecturers at uni had advised us to
    years ago. I wouldn't like to speculate on the future- it's literally my
    first published work, and it was unpaid too. Fingers crossed it will lead to
    Me too! I'd like to place an order at my workplace, only i'm thinking of
    shopping around and no-one will consider negotiation over price of something
    that, as far as they are concerned, doesn't exist yet... :)

    If I go through work, I should be able to get priority on an order.
    Ordinarily I wouldn't want to risk so much on a sample from the first batch,
    but I might well need that camera in the new year.
    I think the 17-55mm and my current 85/1.4 will cover anything I *need* to
    do, the manual lenses will probably be chosen to fill in aperture gaps
    rather than focal length gaps- a 24/2.0 would be a sensible lens to own as
    my old favourite wide was the 35/2.0. A 35/1.4 would make a great 50/1.4
    alternative and is a ton cheaper than the 28/1.4 (which I want sooo much),
    and while the 50/1.2 offers the f/l and aperture combo I like, I need to try
    it before I buy. I might consider a 180/2.8 in MF, as I don't think I use
    the f/l enough to justify a 50-100% premium for the AF version.
    Martin Francis, Nov 21, 2005
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