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Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Brandon Shalton, Nov 21, 2003.

  1. Greetings,

    My name is Brandon Shalton, and I started on
    August 12th to bring awareness to patent abuse cases like Acacia. Being
    involved with computing for over 16 years and the internet since 1989, gives
    me a very broad perspective over technology issues. I personally downloaded
    digital audio/video files from BBS prior to 1990 and was using FTP at Texas
    A&M to retrieve files from around the world in 1989.

    Learn more about Acacia and other patent holders in the audio/video space at

    I am also on a personal quest to find prior art...and have posted some prior
    art finds on the website (minus specific details ie. links, files, etc). I
    pass on my prior art finds to defense attorneys and interested individuals
    (at no charge) that is a private web page that has the details.

    Looking for these kinds of prior art evidence (date must be before May 1990
    be valid to help invalidate patent claims):

    C64 DIGI Files
    Amiga audio/video files
    Mac Hyperstack and similar
    ..GL files
    PC DOS speaker files
    GIF89a files that used digital images in a loop
    Sparkle files
    SYSOP's with CDROM archives
    Weather (NASA/JPL) or Satellite movies
    PDP11 use of digitized audio

    Contact me below if you have some leads to some of these dusty files.

    I look forward to participating in and help to answer
    questions or comments concerning these cases, as well as hopefully generate
    awareness for others to get involved to get more people/media attention.

    For you old school video guys, I am aware that many studioes used Avid to
    dailies and clips that were then downloaded remotely for viewing (ie. via
    BBS). Any experiences
    with the downloading of audio/video prior to 1990 would be a great help.


    Feel free to contact me at [email protected]
    the yahoo address listed is to prevent a bunch of spam from newsgroup
    trolling email spiders.
    Brandon Shalton, Nov 21, 2003
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