File Browser Cache - Deleted Folders - Purge and Rebuild?

Discussion in 'Photoshop Tutorials' started by Chuck Anderson, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. If I have deleted/moved/renamed folders of Photos (using Windows
    Explorer) that the Photoshop File Browser had created cache entries for,
    does Photoshop ever find these cache entries and remove them (or can I
    manually tell PS to go clean up after itself)? If not, is there a way
    to selectively find and remove these entries?

    That seems like a royal pain anyway .... so I'm considering purging the
    entire cache (it's 1.13GBs). I occasionally clean shop (perhaps once or
    twice a year) and that involves moving, deleting, and renaming folders
    (and their files), so my guess is that a lot of that 1.13 GBs is wasted
    space. I have always used Windows Explorer to do this so I can
    shift-delete, if need be, and bypass the recycle bin. Perhaps I should
    always use the PS File Browser (from now on), but it's too late at this

    I have one folder - C:/Photos - that has the VAST majority of my photo
    files in it - 32 GBytes. If I Purge the entire cache and then want to
    rebuild it for that folder (32 GBs in 718 folders, 19,000 files), how
    long might it take ... roughly (overnight, 1 hour, 2days)?

    ..... I assume that if I select C:/Photos and then Build Cache for all
    Subfolders, that is what it will do.

    Is that my best recourse? Has anyone experience with rebuilding the
    cache on this scale?

    Chuck Anderson • Boulder, CO
    Nothing he's got he really needs
    Twenty first century schizoid man.
    Chuck Anderson, Mar 20, 2008
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