File renaming; Can anyone see a way to do this?

Discussion in 'Photoshop Tutorials' started by Al Dykes, Oct 16, 2005.

  1. Al Dykes

    Al Dykes Guest

    My digicam wraps the assigned numbers at 4 digit so what passes for my
    archiving system is going to get confused.

    I'd love to see an autpmated way to renumber

    CRW_1234.CRW to CRW_11234.CRW.

    (ie insert a one into the name string until the time comes tio insert

    Any ideas?

    Al Dykes, Oct 16, 2005
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  2. Al Dykes

    Lorem Ipsum Guest

    First, are you sure a single-digit is adequate for the _1 position?

    Some will tell you that Batch rename in the browser will do it, and
    Irfanview will, too, but I suspect you want something that works a little
    more automatically, possibly automatic to the copying of the files to your
    hard drive, true?
    Lorem Ipsum, Oct 16, 2005
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  3. Al Dykes

    Mister Max Guest

    (Al Dykes) posted:
    There are several programs that will batch-rename files. I use Rname-it,
    which will do what you want. It will change "CRW_" or just "_" to "_1".
    I don't know of any program that will batch-rename while it's doing
    something else, like downloading photos from my memory card.
    - Max

    Slideshows of Angkor Wat, Bali, Crete, France, Malaysia, Maui, Morocco,
    Mt Holly, Myanmar (new), Sicily, St Tropez, Singapore, Thailand (new),
    Tour de France. - Shadows and Reflections
    Mister Max, Oct 16, 2005
  4. Al Dykes

    GordonG Guest

    Get hold of Breeze Systems Power Downloader. You can make it do almost
    anything with downloading digital files from your camera, including
    changing the number sequence on the fly.
    GordonG, Oct 17, 2005
  5. Al Dykes

    Al Dykes Guest

    rename-it did it, folks.

    Al Dykes, Oct 17, 2005
  6. Al Dykes

    KatWoman Guest

    I always name the photos as they download with the windows XP wizard.
    (would not work for RAW)
    It's great for jpgs, avi, etc
    I also never leave the camera assigned numbers, too confusing. I give each
    batch of photos a name then it adds a 3 digit number to them. I think it's
    an easier way to organize and I can recognize most folders by what I named
    them, usually the name of a person, place or event.
    KatWoman, Oct 17, 2005
  7. Al Dykes

    DD Guest

    I always leave the assigned numbers. I get it from my xD card as
    DSCFxxxx. ( NOTE- 4 x's not 3!:)
    I save the original as is and save the processed one as
    bgxxxx (bg for Botanical Gardens) beachXXXX, harbourXXXX,
    dlfnsxxxx (dolphins) aqrmxxxx (aquarium) etc.

    It did happen once or twice that I had to find the original and the
    assigned numbers left on it gave me a clue on which DVD to look for
    it. The xxxx numbers also tell me which photos was taken in the same
    group, place or time.

    DD, Oct 17, 2005
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