Film scanner suggestions for 35mm microfilm

Discussion in 'Scanners' started by skippy, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. skippy

    Alan Browne Guest

    Scanner dpi is the maximum. You can always scan at lower rates.
    Alan Browne, Jan 6, 2007
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  2. skippy

    THO Guest

    Do you have any nearby colleges or universities nearby? State
    institutions are often very focused on helping other public institutions
    and I'd suspect that their library would already have such a device
    THO, Jan 6, 2007
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  3. Yes.....I was assuming a 1:1 film to document ratio......I see now that was
    a bad assumption, but the fact remains that whatever that ratio is, is
    important to obtaining a proper answer to the question........
    William Graham, Jan 6, 2007
  4. Dedicated 35 mm (24 x 36 mm) film scanners aren't suitable for 35 mm
    microfilm because this film has a larger picture format without
    perforated edges. B/W-microfilm has a moderate maximum density and
    doesn't require a high-end scanner as for slides.

    For the expensive medium format film scanner Nikon 9000 ED microfilm
    holders may be available.

    I have bought an Epson 4870 flatbed transparency scanner which delivers
    a maximum resolution of about 2000 to 2400 dpi. A sheet of glass is
    used to align, fix and press cut microfilm strips in parallel, which
    are batch-scanned with VueScan and then quite excessively unsharp
    masked in Photoshop. I am scanning music microfilms which contain
    usually greyscale images that won't print well with a dithering
    reader-printer.So the halftone images are printed on a laser printer.
    Very small details such as figured bass numbers can't be deciphered.
    Maybe the newer V700 gives a better resolution.

    Dr. Heinz Anderle, Austria
    Dr. Heinz Anderle, Jan 6, 2007
  5. About 3 minutes for a 4800dpi scan on my Epson GT-F700 (which I think is the
    same as the model they call the V350 in the US).
    David Van Cleef, Jan 9, 2007
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