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Discussion in 'Scanners' started by Colin Wood, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. Colin Wood

    Colin Wood Guest

    I've been using a Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Dual IV with some success,
    but its transport mechanism is now failing - it seems as if some teeth
    from a gear wheel or similar are worne, and the negative holder has
    needed a gentle push when scanning. This has become much worse recently.

    Does anyone know /how/ where/ to get this sorted? Is it worth doing?

    As far as I know Sony are not making any of these scanners following
    their purchase of Konica-Minolta, so I can't get a direct replacement. I
    have looked at ebay, but they are like gold dust - scarce and expensive.
    Anyone know of any other source?

    If I go for another make, what is available that works as well? Canon?
    Nikon? Is there any specialist retailer out there that any of you would

    I'd be grateful for any advice.

    Regards to all,


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    Colin Wood, Jan 19, 2007
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  2. Colin Wood

    Tony Polson Guest

    The Minolta scanners seem to have a lot of problems. The last version
    of the 5400 was plagued with severe mechanical problems - a pity,
    because it was otherwise an excellent scanner.

    The support from Sony is not said to be good, however I heard a couple
    of ex-Konica Minolta technicians have set up a new service facility in
    or near Milton Keynes. Unfortunately I have no further details, but a
    call to Konica Minolta in Milton Keynes might help - they still exist,
    because they still sell photocopiers, and they might be able to put
    you in touch with their ex-colleagues.

    Your best option in new scanners is Nikon. Canon scanners are no
    longer made. They were always the poor relation to Minolta and Nikon.

    Three Nikon scanners are still listed, the Coolscan V for 35mm, with
    4000 dpi and 14 bit processing, the Coolscan 5000 for 35mm, also with
    4000 dpi but with 16 bit processing, and the Coolscan 9000, for 35mm
    and medium format film, also with 4000 dpi and 16 bit processing. The
    Coolscan V is USB 2.0, the others need a FireWire 1394 card in your

    They are not cheap, but they are superbly made and ultra-reliable. If
    you are happy with the Scan Dual IV, the Coolscan V will be a
    substantial step up with its 4000 dpi resolution.

    The Coolscan 5000 is a lot more exoensive and the extra two bits (16
    bit as against 14) are only needed if you want to extract the absolute
    maximum of shadow detail out of your slides. It is a very fast
    scanner, with a slide taking less than 30 seconds.

    The 5000 will also accept a 50-slide capacity feeder which makes
    scanning of large numbers of mounted slides much easier and quicker.
    It will also accept an adaptor for roll film, meaning you can scan a
    whole 35mm film in one operation. However, these accessories are

    If you use medium format film, the Coolscan 9000 is a must. It also
    scans 35mm film, but is slower in use than the Coolscan V and 5000.

    Nikon scanners are selling in only very small numbers now, and there
    are rumours that production has ended. So don't delay if you want to
    buy a new one. Shop around online for best prices, as there is a huge
    variation. Prices in New York are dramatically cheaper than here, so
    if you plan a US visit in 2007, buy one while you are there. Even
    paying import duty (3.5%) and VAT (17.5%) you will save money

    Good luck!
    Tony Polson, Jan 19, 2007
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  3. Colin Wood

    Colin Wood Guest

    Replied off list, with my thanks for all this information.

    Have now ordered one!

    Regards to all,


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    \__(_)||| ) \/\/(_)(_)(_| / StrongArm RiscPC
    _______________________________/ RISC OS 4.39
    Colin Wood, Jan 19, 2007
  4. Colin Wood

    Tony Polson Guest

    You're welcome, Colin. I won't have received your off-list reply for
    the simple reason that my "email address" is a spoof to deter junk
    Well done! If I guessed I would probably say "Coolscan V".

    Tony Polson, Jan 19, 2007
  5. Colin Wood

    Colin Wood Guest

    Yes, indeed the Coolscan V

    It is working well. In particular, I've been scanning old - very faded
    and overall mainly brown - Gevacolour slides; using the setting which
    iirc looks at each of the 3 colour layers separately, results are superb,
    much better than trying Photoshop elements 4 on a normal scan.

    Is it possible to get a multislide feeder - even for 4 slides like the

    Best wishes,


    __ /
    / _ |. _ \ /_ _ _| /
    \__(_)||| ) \/\/(_)(_)(_| / StrongArm RiscPC
    _______________________________/ RISC OS 4.39
    Colin Wood, Jan 31, 2007
  6. Colin Wood

    Trev Guest

    I had some Gevacolour slides taken in Aden I though it was the heat that
    had added the brown look and I dont mean Tan. Most taken out with Fade
    correction in PSP 7 long long ago
    Trev, Jan 31, 2007
  7. Colin Wood

    Tony Polson Guest

    Well done. It is a fine scanner.
    I don't think so, not for the Coolscan V. If I recall correctly, the
    50 slide feeder is for the 4000 and 5000 models.

    Do you have a young relative whom you could get to insert the slides
    in return for pocket money?
    Tony Polson, Jan 31, 2007
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