filmstip on CD at the mini lab

Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by Joseph Brown, Jul 30, 2003.

  1. Joseph Brown

    Joseph Brown Guest

    Today I brought to several (5+) local minilabs a negative and a positive
    filmstip to be scanned and put the images on CD. I asked that I want the
    photos in high resolution, UNCOMPRESSED, in a TIFF or BMP format.

    Not only they couldn't provide this simple thing, by they didn't have a clue
    what I was talking about. Only one place told me that he "thinks" that his
    machine does only JPEG....

    I don't understand why a minilab doing a lossy jpeg wouldn't do a BMP or
    TIFF. It's really beyond me.
    Joseph Brown, Jul 30, 2003
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  2. Joseph Brown

    stan Guest

    It surprises me as well, but I've had the same experience with several labs in
    the midwest USA. I asked one in particular if they would take a tiff and make a
    print. The guy had to ask. No was the answer. Only jpegs. I finally found a
    store that would do it, but i had to call around. I don't understand it either.
    But as Victor said I'm not in the finishing business.
    Visual Arts Photography
    stan, Jul 31, 2003
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  3. I can think of a couple of reasons why they wouldn't want to do (or be set
    up) for anything other than a jpg. A BMP will quickly fill up a disk, or
    the server. It can't be easily emailed with good detail for the same
    reasons. And not all jpg formats are lossy, it depends on the compression
    ratio. You can capture the same image and save it as a bmp, tiff, or

    I don't agree with what they do, or how they set those machines up. It
    would be easier for them to do a bmp at full resolution and use a zip
    program to compress the package.
    IN Packer Fan, Jul 31, 2003
  4. Joseph Brown

    John Russell Guest

    I went to Sarber's in Berkeley, which I understand from other posts
    here has a good reputation. (They are a retail store plus seem to
    have a full set of services.) They also only knew how to scan to
    JPEGs, and at something less than 1600x1200 resolution. This was for
    APS film. Seems like any photo place that'll scan for you should be
    ready to do high-resolution TIFFs.

    Any other recommendations for film scanning services in the Bay Area
    that can handle APS?

    John Russell, Jul 31, 2003
  5. Hi Joseph,

    I happen to work in camera store in UK and can explain as to why we cannot
    offer Tiffs of Bmp.

    Quite simply the reason is time. Our in-store mini-lab only has one printing
    system where all work must be scanned through. (Its a Fuji Frontier system).

    Now to continue to offer our 1hr and 24hr service we are currently only
    offering our standard scanning service of 256bits overnight to jpegs.

    We do offer a higher jpeg resolution of 512mb, but due to it being summer
    and the busiest period we are quoting a time of 2 weeks and having to send
    them to the main lab. It would normally be around a week at least.

    Most customers are satisfied with the standard 256mb resolution as it
    provdes decent 6x4 prints and different file sizes suitable for e-mail.

    While we will try to help customers as much as possible, if they have a
    large quantity of slides/negs then I suggest they research dedicated film
    scanners, or look to professional labs who do provide uncompressed scanning.

    At the end of the day our whole system is aimed at quick turn-around of
    prints from digital/film as that is our main service, with scanning a
    supplement if you like.

    Hope this helps you a little,
    Stephen Leslie, Jul 31, 2003
  6. Joseph Brown

    columbotrek Guest

    The reason is they either don't know how or won't because it does not
    match their business plan.

    Go to a franshise convention some time. Its enlightening. There will
    be booths set up with all sorts of business opertunities. For the right
    fee even Elmer Fud can get set up in the photo finishing business. All
    Emler has to do is show up on opening day and turn the key. The
    franchise rep will hang around for a day or so to see if everyting they
    are responsiable for is working and provide some trainning. Elmer will
    hire several part time students to put the film in and watch the photos
    come out. The customers get their 2 for 1 4X6 prints shot with their
    one time cameras in 1 hour for 6 bucks. The mini lab will copy the
    images onto a CD at print time for a few bucks more but only at the
    resolution it made the scan for the prints in the first place.

    If you want good custom work you need to go to a custom lab. Expect to
    pay custome lab prices. But there they know how to make tiff, bmp, or
    just about any other picture format invented.

    Here is a trick that sort of works and is cheeper than the custom lab
    scanning prices. When you take your film in for printing. Order the
    prints in 5X or 6X. They will then scan them at the higher resolution
    automatically. Have them saved on a CD. Some how the employees there
    know how to set the picture size.

    But I gave up on the 1 hour labs long ago. I have not once had my
    prints done in 1 hour. More like 4 hours. May as wall make it 48 hours
    and let the custom lab do them. The results are better anyway.
    columbotrek, Jul 31, 2003
  7. Joseph Brown

    Joseph Brown Guest

    I gave up my search for a lab. I'll just buy a Nikon LS-4000 with the film
    roller adaptor for $1000 and do it myself. Dynamic range is 4.2 Dmax
    compared to Pro PhotoCD master service wich is 3.2 Dmax!

    I'll do it myself and I'll simply by able to exceed the "master pro" quality
    that these self-proclaimed professionals claim that can do with JPEG... The
    LS-4000 will cost me a fraction of what a "pro?" shop asked me to scan 3000
    slides at unknown quality.

    Sometimes it's scary to see people highly incompetent claiming to be
    professionals in every field of today's society. I wonder what real skilled
    professionals should be called, if the words "pro" and "professional" is
    used to describe incompetent business people.

    I work in the mainstream Television broadcasting industry. Half of my work
    is research and the other half is actual work being done. The research
    being done enables me to give answers to somebody who needs them now.
    Studying the the potential and capabilities of xyz equipement compared to
    other models, etc.

    I've seen "pro" people that 'managed' to get hired by our TV network.
    Fortunately, they days were numbered. Who knows where they go after,
    probably in the consumer retail business, where it's easier to say "Hey, I'm
    the best pro here!". The incocent consumer then shells out his cash to him.

    scary indeed.
    Joseph Brown, Jul 31, 2003
  8. I guess that anyone who knows what he is doing would charge more than
    the cost of an LS-4000 plus film roll adapter for scanning that amount
    of film with odd sized frames. After all, if (for some reason) you can't
    automate the task, you have to babysit the scanner for a very long time.

    The problem with scanning is that there doesn't seem to be any standard
    for specifying the quality of the scans.

    Philip Homburg
    Philip Homburg, Jul 31, 2003
  9. Joseph Brown

    Peter Chant Guest

    I wonder why, I took a cd to a local place and was told they much
    prefer jpegs.
    Peter Chant, Aug 2, 2003
  10. Joseph Brown

    stan Guest

    I like the idea "Fuds Foto Finishing". A wittle wascally but OK.
    Visual Arts Photography
    stan, Aug 3, 2003
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