Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Eastman123, Apr 5, 2004.

  1. Eastman123

    Eastman123 Guest

    Is Adobe Premiere Pro comparable to Final Cut Pro? Thanks for any input.
    Eastman123, Apr 5, 2004
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  2. Eastman123

    Tampax Guest

    They were supposedly designed by the same person. I've used both. FCP has
    the edge IMHO, because it seems more mature - Premiere is playing catchup.

    I learned FCP by reading the books and lots of trial and error. It took me
    minutes to figure out Premiere, given this background - the interface is
    basically the same.
    Tampax, Apr 5, 2004
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  3. Eastman123

    nappy Guest

    If you like sitting in front of endless dialogs that say "Preparing Video
    for Diaplay" Or twirling beachballs or error messages saying that your
    program has crashed.. then get Final Klutz. If you like to watch render
    dialogs.. go for it..

    On the other hand if you just want to get work done.. Get the far cheaper
    and much faster Premiere Pro.
    nappy, Apr 5, 2004
  4. Eastman123

    Bill Davis Guest

    Randy Ubillos was one of the architects of Premier in the old days.

    He left and created FCP (with others) using what he'd learned.

    FCP continues to evolve and grow - as does Premier. However, I suspect
    more people use FCP now then Premier EVEN tho it requires the use of a

    And YES, there's a reason people choose it even tho it means you can't run
    it on cheap hardware.

    Ask around and see what the people you're likely to work with use. Cuz
    it's always comforting to be able to ask someone a quick question if you
    get stuck.

    The reality is that MOST of the people making money doing "mission
    critical" video editing for pay use either Avid or FCP.

    While Premier (and others such as VEGAS), are fine programs, you simply
    don't hear of that many shops using them in a commercial sense.

    Good luck.
    Bill Davis, Apr 5, 2004
  5. Eastman123

    nappy Guest


    I am working on a show in FCP that has a number of VFX. I am doing the
    compositing in Combustion on a Windows network. How would you go about
    replacing files as they are update when they've been in the FCP timeline?
    With FCP open.

    With FCP open I have to first DELETE the file, because FCP locks the
    file and the OS will not allow me to write over it. Funny, though .. you CAN
    delete it!

    So I delete the file, drag the new one from Windows (through SAMBA) over
    to the mac folder that had the file in it.

    Then I return to FCP and it takes nearly a full 5 minutes before I can
    work again. I have to sit through about 4 "Preparing Video For Display"
    Dialogs. Then I can work again. Needless to say, if you are working on a
    feature with 100 fx shots and going back and forth for tweaks.. this can
    severly slow down your workflow.. Even more when FCP just crashes into

    There is probably a much faster way to do this?

    nappy, Apr 5, 2004
  6. Eastman123

    Bill Davis Guest

    Perhaps. Or not. I don't know because as I've told you time and time
    again, I don't do the kind of work you do.

    BUT I know lots of folks who do. But there's a problem.

    You've posted stuff like this over and over again. Same point of view.
    "This is what *I* need." "It's all about ME." "I've decided to use
    software X and software Y and they don't flawlessly communicate so the
    WORLD is evil and everyone is against me and it MUST be Software B because
    I want it to do something that only one ten thousandth of the installed
    base will EVER likely want to do and it doesn't do it flawlessly, so I'll
    go on a holy jihad and trash it every chance I get.

    The sad truth is that there are likely folks out there who are doing
    exactly what you seek and have already figured it all out.

    At one point months and months ago, I even suggested that I could put you
    in touch with some of the major players in LA who would be likely to know
    exactly this stuff.

    But your attitude has remained as constant as the tides. You bash and bash
    and argue and are so consumed at pointing out flaws in any and everything
    you write about here - particularly in regards to FCP - that I can't, in
    good conciencious, send you to any of my contacts because I'm afraid you'd
    annoy them so much that they'd never take another of my calls...

    I completely understand frustration. But YOU are the person who's taken on
    this attitude. And I'm sorry, but it's NOT an attitude that causes me to
    want to spend much of my time trying to put you in touch with those who
    work at your level (and far, far above) and who might be able to help you
    solve your problems.
    Bill Davis, Apr 10, 2004
  7. Eastman123

    nappy Guest

    What in the world are you talking about?
    Oh, Bill..; I was giving you an opportunity ... I figured it out.. it ain't
    rocket science. It's just that Final Klutz is shit.

    I AM in touch with Major Players here IN LA . Bill. What do you think I do
    .... weddings? Few of them use FCP. I doubt you would really know any major
    players anywhere. Major players.. sheesh.. I have been working in this town
    since 1984 and have feature credits on scores of films and you want to put
    me in touch with major players.. LOL. Like who.. the editor for Scrubs? HA!

    Um.. don't worry Bill. I get the work done in spite of FCP's inability to
    function efficiently and quickly.

    Oh, geeze Bill. A perfect opportunity to show me how great FCP is and you
    waste it assaulting me. Try not to be an ass, Bill. So what you are saying
    is that you don't even do work like what I do, but you are confident that
    FCP is the greatest editing package in the world right? But you don't even
    use it beyond simple editing... is that what you are saying? That's what
    came up the last time we spoke about FCP.. I told you it really sucked for
    anything over 4 tracks of audio and you said.. you never used mroe than four
    tracks of audio.. yet you persist in personal attacks in support of your
    favorite, make that 'only' editing package. You really ought not to go
    around telling people how great FCP is unless you actually use it Bill.

    nappy, Apr 10, 2004
  8. Eastman123

    nappy Guest

    you know you took that bait and did exactly what I thought you would ...
    nappy, Apr 10, 2004
  9. Eastman123

    Bill Davis Guest

    I don't want to prolong this.

    I'll just suggest that anyone who wishes to assess the credibility of my
    opinions can look up my posting record under the (non-munged) name and
    addy above. (Which I've been using, exclusively and consistently, in the
    open here for more than 6 years.)

    For "nappy" you'll have to look up that identity and then cross-reference
    it to the three or four other "posting identities" he regularly uses.

    Then you can decide for yourself who's likely to have the greater credibility.

    I will note that I've never heard ANYONE other than nappy himself verify
    who he is or what he does.

    While I have a host of friends and collegues here and on who've worked with me in real life and know both
    who I am and that I ACTUALLY do what I say I do here - make my living
    running my own corporate video production company full time.

    For what it's worth.
    Bill Davis, Apr 10, 2004
  10. Eastman123

    nappy Guest

    I don't mind prolonging this.. I am waiting for FCP to load up so I have a
    few minutes.

    oh.. BIll.. you had an opportunity to show how savvy you are with FCP and
    why we should listen to your constant FCP accolades. Instead you tried to
    attack me again. The facts speak for themselves. You did this to yourself
    Bill. Now that everyone understands that you don't really USE FCP.. they can
    take your posts less seriously.

    As to who I am.. I have been posting anon for a decade. tough shit if you
    have a problem with it. Was here long before you were. .. You've already
    admitted that you do lightweight editing with FCP so when a pro complains
    about features and aspects that you know nothing about.. it is classier to
    just shut up. Recently in RAMPS you were asked to do that very thing. I
    think it is appropriate here also.
    nappy, Apr 11, 2004
  11. Eastman123

    Morrmar Guest

    I don't mind prolonging this.. I am waiting for FCP to load up so I
    have a
    You obviously have too much time on your hands. Do you actually think
    this little flame fest will accomplish anything? If you've been on
    Usenet as long as you say, you would have learned long ago that you will
    change no ones opinion with posts like these.
    Morrmar, Apr 11, 2004
  12. Eastman123

    nappy Guest

    I get up early.

    Do you actually think
    Which answer would you like? Yes or No. All the same to me.

    If you've been on

    If you've really been on usenet that long then you know better than to ask
    that question.
    nappy, Apr 13, 2004
  13. Yes, but they both such. Us Adobe premiere 6.5. Much nicer and has a
    transition track.
    Supreme Enchanter, Apr 18, 2004
  14. Actually, more people use premierethan ever other non-linera editor in the
    world combined. Hell, we have high school interns come in that know it.
    Nobody uses a Mac or an Atari anymore.
    Supreme Enchanter, Apr 18, 2004
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