Final decission about Voivod

Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by Ulysses, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. Ulysses

    Ulysses Guest

    when I first viewed this newsgroup it was fun.
    been using photoshop for years, but only in a
    limited capacity, for photos and wanted to learn more.
    so here i am. some of the group members are OK,
    others are not have put up with voivod long enough
    HE IS BLOCKED, good bye asshole
    Ulysses, Sep 1, 2011
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  2. Ulysses

    Voivod Guest

    Then you stuck around and it went downhill.
    Like your ability to use English.
    So there you are. No one fucking cares.
    It's utterly PATHETIC that you feel the need to publicly announce you're
    kill filing someone, coward.
    Voivod, Sep 1, 2011
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  3. Ulysses

    Kele Guest

    Oh no, I sometimes I catch a phrase or two from Voivo in your contributions.

    Once in a while I do learn something from lurking here... Opacity vs fill
    for example. Good, I've been using the correct one for what I do. Someday
    I hope to learn about Paths and Channels. And cutting out the background
    from a foreground is painful; there must be a more pleasant way. So we have
    a similar reason for being here.

    PS: I have battled many viruses; have a few in confinement right now.
    Prolly anti-virus software writers also create viruses to sell more
    anti-virus software. I had the same virus a couple times - it ate old
    Norton first. Since then I use another necessary evil virus jailer that
    requires a password to make changes to it. That seems smart to keep from
    getting eaten (rendered worthless). Just to keep the adware at bay, I
    sometimes turn on PeerBlock w/Spyware and Advertising lists active. It's
    like a mini firewall.
    Kele, Sep 2, 2011
  4. Ulysses

    Ulysses Guest

    The best way to learn photoshop is to read the tutorials
    But some of us get into a rut and , without thnking,
    do our routine to accomplish a project. the learning cycle
    slows down. The next best thing is to go into a newsgroup.
    Read and learn from others. Join in and participate in the discusions.
    You may be criticised for your stupidity, but that is how one learns
    Keep this in mind, if i was an expert in photoshop, i would NOT be here
    Ulysses, Sep 2, 2011
  5. Ulysses

    Carrie Guest

    I blocked Voivd whoever from the start. Been on newsgroups for a long
    time now (like the so-called "spiritual" -NewAge ones which are the worst
    for troublemaking) At first I thought it was mean and judgemental to block
    people and not give attention to them. I mean, they are expressing
    themselves in their own way, for whatever reasons. But now I don't think
    it's judging them (as people) just making a peaceful choice, myself. The
    idea of fighting with them (trying to change them?) and blocking them and
    announcing this, gives them attention, too. Which seems to be what they want
    and need.
    Have you tried the extract tool in filters? I never knew what it was or
    did until recently when I did a lesson using it.
    I had a chance to see some of the videos on Photoshop (the
    basics) and learned a lot from them. For me, it seems easier to do while I
    see someone else doing (though I have to keep pausing it a times) Also, I
    have 2 monitors so I can play the video on one. Though a lot of it (like
    channels and layers) is kind of complex, and a lot of steps, and after I
    don't usually remember much of it. Like it will say open the channels
    palette and do this or that.
    I try several things to cut out the background, like Q (quick mask) or
    the magic wands and eraser and such.
    I'm just starting to think maybe I know a little bit about some of all it
    I have found out you have to duplicate the layer to do some things with
    it (not just have the first background) like put the style effects on. And
    some of those like drop shadow, if you want them on something in the
    picture, have to be on a layer with transparency (back to taking the
    background out of it)
    I sometimes look in google and find tutorials that I learn something
    from. And, of course, this newsgroup.
    Oh another thing I learned from, at one time
    Brightness/Contrast wasn't used much. Or we were told in tutorials not to.
    But in the newer PS (maybe from CS2 or 3 on) it works much better, and can
    be tried to see what looks best. And levels. I mainly was using "shadow and
    highlights" (to lighten dark pictures) and or curves. I still do, I try
    different things.
    There's so many ways to do so much.
    I had a picture I once took of a black cow standing in a pasture, and
    last mnight came across it and wanted to make it purple (old poem "I never
    saw a purple cow, I never hope to see one. But I can tell you anyhow I'd
    rather see than be one") Kept trying different ways, took the color out of
    the cow and used hue/saturation and tried to use channels, etc. Nothing
    seemed right (however right a purple cow is) and I gave up. But, in the
    meantime I got sidetracked and forgot I was boiling spaghetti and burned it.
    I wonder how many people using/learning Photoshop that happens to? I have a
    timer I can set on the desktop but apparently set it for too long.
    And never did get a good purple cow. (it was just a whim at the time)

    I have said this same thing LOL Who has a vested interest in having

    I had the same virus a couple times - it ate old
    I use Avast (free) and run scans with other things like Malwarebytes or
    Spybot Search & Destroy. Superantispyware. Have to be careful and get
    something recommended because a lot of spyware says it's ANTI spyware.

    Computers make our lives so much easier and simplier and save us all
    this time LOL (I think my computer- and my dog for that matter, own me)
    Carrie, Sep 2, 2011
  6. Ulysses

    Carrie Guest

    I think the best way (or one of them) is to do things with it. Think of
    something you want to do and try things, for example. Like yesterday I tried
    to make a purple cow (trying to remember what I'd learned from tutorials
    along the way) There are so many ways to do things, and people who write
    tutorials have their own way. Like I have found easier ways to do things
    that I'd once done a complex tutorial about, to get the same results.
    Of course, people to people is always good, too for learning.
    Carrie, Sep 2, 2011
  7. Ulysses

    tony cooper Guest

    Here's a purple cow for you:
    tony cooper, Sep 2, 2011
  8. Ulysses

    Carrie Guest

    Oh that's nice!
    Here's one of mine (I know it's messy, it was just something I thought of
    and didn't put much effort into (LOL)
    The cow was black, that didn't help, even desatuated or lightened, there
    was no contrast and nighlights.
    This is much more fun than talking about Voivod LOL
    Replace it with something more interesting....
    Carrie, Sep 2, 2011
  9. Ulysses

    tony cooper Guest

    I don't have a black cow image in my files, but I have a black bird
    that I quickly made into a purple bird.

    The easiest way to go about this is to first Control-J and make a
    duplicate layer and work on that. Then make a selection of the
    object, or part of the object, that you want to change the color of.
    I have CS4 and used the Quick Selection Tool. Save the selection in
    case you want to try a different color.

    Choose the Brush and set the brush to Color. Pick your color as the
    foreground color. With the object as a Selection, you can use a very
    large brush and not worry about coloring outside of the Selection.
    The color will be in the Selection only.

    I swiped a huge purple brush over the Selection coloring in
    everything. I then used the Eraser tool to remove the color from the
    eye, the beak, and one leg that got in the Selection.

    If you want to tone it down a little, lower the Opacity of the layer.

    Five minutes, or less, for the job.

    Here's one I did a while back and call it "A horse of a different
    tony cooper, Sep 2, 2011
  10. Ulysses

    Carrie Guest

    Oh nice! Gonna print this out for my notes and find another cow.I think a
    lighter colored one might help. The purple cow idea was just a whim when I
    saw the cow picture, anything to avoid having to do things like boring
    housework (LOL)
    I have CS3 and it has quick selection, too. I like it better than Magic
    Wand most of the time.
    Carrie, Sep 3, 2011
  11. Ulysses

    Carrie Guest

    Was thinking... we changed Voivod into something postiive (the topic) I
    like to take all opportunities to learn, and I just learned a lot from the
    purple cow. Also, wonder how many people would get energized and uplifted by
    reading how to do something like this? Maybe a lot on this ng LOL
    Carrie, Sep 3, 2011
  12. Ulysses

    Kele Guest

    Well I hope the PS smart people don't all feel this way...
    Kele, Sep 3, 2011
  13. Ulysses

    Kele Guest

    Cow: Image > Adjustments > Replace Color selector to change just the black
    spots to purple would be my first attempt. I'm doing it now as I type. The
    + eyedropper gets the edges pretty good and maxing fuzziness helps.

    Extraction tool, Knock-Out filter... maybe I need a graphics tablet or a
    better mouse. And what when the picture falls outside the viewable area...
    scroll while outlining!? Of course solid backgrounds aren't so bad, but
    with low contrast between background and subject, Extraction edges are a
    mess. Back and forth with the +/- (history) brushes!? Sometimes it's less
    of a mind bender to bust out the erase tool and go around the subject. The
    newer version of PS looks like it has a better Extraction tool than PS7, but
    if it's like golf clubs, a newer version won't be my cure.

    I'm self taught and don't have a good PS skills foundation - the light bulb
    has not illuminated for me about masking which I believe is the principle
    behind the extraction tool. Maybe drudgery cannot be helped when clipping a
    subject from its background with shadows and hair, etc. Is the Pen Tool the
    "Pro" method for removing backgrounds? The pen tool line control points
    look important, but I just end up making a mess.

    It would be awesome to create the look I'm dreaming of.
    Kele, Sep 3, 2011
  14. Ulysses

    Voivod Guest

    And you're a top posting idiot.
    Voivod, Sep 3, 2011
  15. Ulysses

    Carrie Guest

    Hopefully, we have enough experts to answer the questions.
    I've often wondered does one EVER know all there is to know about
    Photoshop? There's also the idea of each person doing something their own
    way, even if it's just slight.
    Carrie, Sep 3, 2011
  16. Ulysses

    Carrie Guest

    I never thought about color replacement. That might give it less flat look.
    I was going over it with burn and dodge (set low) to lighten and darken.
    I recently learned about extract (background) from a tutorial. It
    is a form of masking, you outline and then fill. I use the SELECT>INVERSE
    quite a bit, too.
    When you use the lasso tool to outline if you hold down shift (I think
    that's it, I don't have it open now) you can let go and start over without
    losing what you did. I have a Wacon Tablet I once gave up on (seems like the
    mouse was easier and the settings for the pen and mouse with the tablet
    confused me) I keep thinking I will try it again. But, first I'd have to
    make space.
    I am self taught, too, and been at it for mayb 10 years now. Started with
    Paint Shop Pro 6 then 7 and PS 6-7
    I'd also like to master Illustrator and Flash (at least more than I now
    know) I spend a lot of time at it, too.
    Maybe it's just escape from reality LOL
    I still can't use the pen tool all that good, and I know it's important,
    but I make do without it.
    Sometimes using Magic Wand or the Quick Select (now with it) on the
    background and then SELECT>INVERSE works.
    Good thing there's so many willing to help and share what they learn.
    Carrie, Sep 3, 2011
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