Finally , Nikon named its image processor!

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Brendan Gillatt, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. True, Nikon's bodies are lagging behind by a few years. That's no problem
    since the new D3 is coming out. Plus, let's not forget what they might have
    in the pipeline.
    Let's not get too excited about the 1Ds Mk III just yet. Lets see how it
    handles in real world situations. I got the 1D Mk III (10 MP) and I must
    say it is a sweet body. I shoot it with Nikkors to get the most out of the
    body. I got the 500/4L IS a while back and for a $5K lens I'm less than
    impressed with it. As soon as I get my hands on the new 500/4 VR Nikkor the
    white turd known as the 500/4L IS is going on eBay. No wonder the thing was
    only $5k compared to Nikon's $7k. The $2k I thought I was saving isn't
    worth it.
    Nonsense! I'll put my money on the D3. I had a 5D a while back and it was
    an overpriced toy. A great sensor wrapped in a piece of shit. If Canon
    builds the 5D replacement like the Mk III Canon will be invincible. I love
    the Mk III and feel that was the only *REAL* digital camera Canon ever

    Rita Ä Berkowitz, Oct 24, 2007
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