First Digital (Need Help)

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by robert w fischer, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. I will be buying a digital camera within the next two weeks, I have
    looked at the Kodakz740, The Cannon A610,and The Cannon620 plus the
    cheaper Lumix camera's I want to spend between three to at the very most
    four fifty for a 5 to 7 megapixels looking at no more than 8x10
    enlargements but want a decent camera with excellent picture quality
    with a four to 6x zoom I also have rather large hands, so the credit
    cards type cameras are not for me , any help would be most appreciated
    I would like to know that I can get the best results for the money
    spent: I have a few regular Film cameras so I am not a complete dummy
    when it comes to photography, but digital is a brand new ballgame for me
    Thank you E
    Mail is always welcomed
    robert w fischer, Dec 19, 2005
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  2. Do you want to have the option for manual control of shutter speed
    and/or lens aperture? If so, the cheaper Lumix cameras wouldn't be for
    you; they only run in automatic and scene-mode modes. The higher-end
    Lumix models (like the FZ5) have manual controls, but they are pushing
    the upper limits of your budget. Both Canons and the Kodak offer manual

    If you don't care about manual controls, and want to look at the Lumix
    line, the LZ2 would be a decent, inexpensive, choice. 6x zoom, 5 MP,
    ~$230 street price.

    Daniel Silevitch, Dec 19, 2005
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  3. robert w fischer

    m Ransley Guest

    I got a sony W5, a W7 is about 325$. 3x optical 2x digital. One thing
    it offers others don`t is a lens adaptor thread so wide angle, zoom and
    filters can be used. I use filters and find P&S limited without a wide
    enough lens. One thing I don`t like is it is slippery , not much to
    grip, its described as an aluminum brick and it is, I dropped it twice
    already. Good photos, at asa 100 a review compared it to a 20d so that
    is what I try to use. I bought it because I needed quick memory stick
    transfer from my sony camcorder otherwise I liked Canon, Nikon, Casio
    and Kodak, the Nikon had a feel where I would not drop it because of the
    battery bulge and material it was made from. One trend that gives
    enjoyment is a large lcd, sony is 2.5, some are 3" with TFT screens, and
    that is the trend for next year. I enjoy the 2.5 110000mp but a 3" TFT
    235000mp would be great. You have alot of good ones to chose from. Get
    7 mp cropping has opened a new world for me, I wish I got the w7 for the
    cropping potential alone. Read all the reviews you can.
    m Ransley, Dec 19, 2005
  4. robert w fischer

    DS Guest

    I have a Canon Rebel ET and I love it. The price is dropping already and
    probably will drop even more after Christmas. If you only want point and
    shoot, you can set it on AUTO. But if you want control, this camera has it
    all including the ability to do stunning B&W work with built in green,
    orange and red filters.(They're electronic, not glass.)
    Only negative is the kit lens. It's not bad but there is some linear
    distortion in it. But then you can use any modern Canon lens and many of
    them are superb.
    The thing I like most is that with a camera that feels like a 35, when I
    shoot at max resolution I get images as good as the 2 1/4 film from my old
    And one huge advantage of the many in digital cameras. There is no dust or
    scratch problem.
    DS, Dec 19, 2005
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