first review of my book

Discussion in 'Photography' started by philo, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. philo

    philo Guest

    philo, Jan 27, 2012
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  2. philo

    Robert Coe Guest

    Robert Coe, Jan 27, 2012
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  3. philo

    philo Guest

    Thank you!

    Though I sold a few locally,
    thanks to the glowing review I got I made my first Amazon sale today.

    In all honesty I will be lucky if I just break even on the project
    but it was not a lot of money

    However, I took your advice and will be getting some more camera equipment.

    My house is full of cameras and art work/ photography
    yet I buy my clothing at Goodwill.

    philo, Jan 27, 2012
  4. philo

    PeterN Guest

    PeterN, Jan 28, 2012
  5. philo

    philo Guest


    After doing photography for 40 years it makes me feel good to at least
    get a little bit of recognition...but most of all, it's just fun!
    philo, Jan 28, 2012
  6. Last dude I knew off a NG who went on to author a book was Paul Martz who
    wrote OpenGL Distilled. Another bunch of flakes went on to achieve some
    success with a project they'd been developing on the sly. Serious Sam.

    And if you expect me to now treat you an atom differently either way or peel
    your grapes you can piss off, okay? :)
    Charles E. Hardwidge, Jan 29, 2012
  7. philo

    philo Guest

    In 1995 I came out with a poetry chap book entitled " Sometimes I Feel
    Like a Poisoned Rat"

    A local book store picked it up and I made steady, undecling sales for
    two solid years in a row.

    One copy per year

    each year I got a check for $2

    but now that money has pretty well run out so I had to come up with a
    new book in order for me to buy food, pay my chauffeur and pay my
    extensive staff of servants

    My photography book has already sold about 15 copies
    and if I sell about 20 more, I'll break even.
    That's all I'm shootin' for.

    What really made me happy though, was the woman who reviewed the book
    has a lot of credentials and her review gave me a bit of "street cred."

    When I first emailed the news of my book to everyone I could think of,
    I got almost no comments.

    When I re-emailed the review to my same mailing list
    I got scores of congratulations and even a few sales.

    Damn I really lucked out.

    Because the book is being sold thru Amazon...
    I have to report my income to the IRS

    Do you know how much tax I'd have to pay on $10 ????

    I'm guessing $20 or so :)
    philo, Jan 29, 2012
  8. Cool.

    Call me cheap. I browsed through the Amazon 'look inside' thing scamming a
    freebie. Tight fuckers. They only showed one photo of a guy with a cigar
    sitting in the bar and you on the back. So that dude in the beret was you?
    Shouldn't laugh. Christ, you should see me. I've got that burned out doper
    stopped by the cops look down pat.

    Nothing on Amazon UK but Waterstones might be able to order it? (I think
    they swallow the shipping costs as orders get crated and shipped in bulk at
    a guess.)
    Charles E. Hardwidge, Jan 29, 2012
  9. philo

    philo Guest


    yep that's me on the back, but when I take the beret off I look like any
    other 62 year old bald man.

    If you or anyone wants a book

    you can always buy one direct

    I'll autograph it and pay shipping

    my gmail addy is philo565

    BTW: I have not looked like a burned out doper in over 30 years

    The last time I got got a speeding ticket, I was so polite and old
    looking the cop felt remorse and told me to take it to court and they'd
    give me a non-moving violation. It was a small town and all they wanted
    was the money. So my "moving violation" record is clean.

    I am now a hardened criminal as it's on my record that I vandalized a
    street sign !!!!!
    philo, Jan 29, 2012
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